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hug me till you drug me baby [24 Mar 2004|10:24am]
[ mood | aerodynamic ]

so, I finally got two of my friends to upload pictures that show off my dreads, here they are:


that one is my dreads at the age of about 3-5 months. I think they're pretty good except for a fair amount of frizz. my mother disagrees, but that is the nature of mothers I suppose.


in this, my dreads are younger, and they're flying around because I am dancing. it also shows off one of my tattoos, but it's not very clear I dont think.

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**New** [24 Mar 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | amused ]

It's been a while !

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arrr!! [24 Mar 2004|02:58pm]

A recent pic of my dreadies... they just turned 3 months:)
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[24 Mar 2004|03:28pm]
so i just wanted to share a little something that has been making my dreads tighter and i've been using it for about a couple months

Its called Febreze

it tightens and knots up and also leaves ur hair smellin real nice :) of course this does not mean u can also substitute it for washing...

i spray it once a day
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[24 Mar 2004|04:30pm]
eh a question..

how the hell do you stop frizz to new found dreads. because i have it, the dreads are 4 days old but frizz is gettin outter hand.
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killbot forever [24 Mar 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | productive ]

alright. so click the link below to see more. the link takes you to my moblog (all pictures from my cell phone). feel free to take a look.


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[24 Mar 2004|04:40pm]
Hey, I'm new here ;)

I've been watching this community FOREVER, even before I had dreads. But now that I've had my glorious locks for a few weeks, I have a question.

I know it's okay to palmroll whenever they need it, but is it okay to backcomb that often as well? Because I find that in the mornings, my locks are a little loose and messy, so I backcomb them a little to tighten them up. I do this maybe every other day.

Is that okay for them?


Sarah Elizabeth.
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[24 Mar 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I guess I need some encouragement. I feel like my dreads look like absolute shit, especially compared to a lot of all of your pictures. I’ve had mine for 7 months now, and maybe they are in their “akward” phase or something.. does anyone have some tips for me? I use the shampoo and wax from Dreadheadhq and use salt water sometimes. Mine get really curly and one side doesn’t look as good as the other.. I love them, they are my babies but I just feel discouraged
Sorry the pics are kinda weird..

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intro [24 Mar 2004|07:15pm]
hey everyone. i'm a long time lurker of this community, and now i'm finally going to stop stalking and post some pictures. i'm an 18/f/lesbian/queer from wisconsin soon to be in college in boston. :) i've had my dreads since the start of feb.

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be courageous [24 Mar 2004|08:38pm]

the 28mm lens on my camera made my arm look REALLY wierd at close angle.

photo credit: ashley nayler
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WASHIN THE DREADIES... [24 Mar 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i finally washed my hair today. after washing it, the dreads seemed to come together a lot better. i was shocked and enthralled all at once.

i used dr. bronners hemp lavender shampoo. i LOVE that shit.

thanks to everyone for the tip-a-roos!

how often does everyone wash their hair and how often do you backcomb?

thanks again, folks!!!!

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ONE more thang [24 Mar 2004|10:51pm]
also, how often is TOO often to spray the dreads with salt water?

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splish, splash, i was takin' a bath [24 Mar 2004|11:12pm]
the febreeze post got me wonderin'.... so how often do you guys wash your dreads??
(thanks a head of time, and sorry if youve already answered this before)
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