March 25th, 2004


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Are you suffering from big head?

Well I was until I bought a 44 cent doo-rag (possibly spelled wrong). I used to not be able to fit my head into any hats at all.

But now I am happy. To illuminate this point here are two pictures of me wearing the smallest hat I could find in my apartment. yipeeeeeee!

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Recent developments.

So the other day, I started getting annoyed with one of my dreads. It just wasn't doing anything aside from being straight hair with an elastic on the end (this is 4 months too!) So I decided to rip and twist it....

OMG!!!! it was wonderful. That stubborn hair is almost as tight as the rest of them now!

of course....the next day.....

There was another one that I thought could use some ripping and twisting. I ripped it down to the roots and now I have two. :) The two are in better condition than the one was, but it was really strange to split it.

oh yeah, and I have a bunch of purple and red dreads now too. I'll post pics soon.
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ahhh!! i took a shower and slept on my wet hair and some of my dreads kind of came out. theres loose hairs everywhere. : ( did this happen to any one else? will they magically go back into my dreads? im thinking of cutting all of my loose hairs to the point where they actually are dreaded or really short so they can get in a dread. do you think that would work?


Hello, I am sorry if this isn’t allowed in your community. Feel free to delete it. However this is something that everyone should get the opportunity to see.
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Growing my hair back out (long enough to dread)?

Hi, I'm new here, well rejoining..I got fed up with my hair and shaved it, only to discover that I have weird splotches of dark and lighter skin on my head, and all sorts of divots on my scalp that did'nt look to good, and my hairline is receding anyway as I'm 24 and at the right age in my family for the family curse to happen.I've posted a picture of how short it is now, and I'm curious how long it'd take to grow my hair out long enough to dread? Also, I'm planning to teach high school English, once I'm graduated and have my certification. Any dreadhead teachers?


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sea creatures old homes residing in one's knots

hey, someone was posting about having trouble putting shells in their hair. I just succeeded in putting a cute, conical shell in my hair, and I might be able to help them, depending upon what type of shell they're trying to use. What I did is I took the pointy end, and took a screw, and ever-so-gently punched a teeny tiny hole towards the top of the shell, and enlarged it bit-by-bit gently until it seemed thick enough to work a lock through (my dreads are pretty thin so I didnt have to break it too much). Then I took the screwdriver and broke off all the various shell-bits inside of the shell, leaving just the outside, and then I just put the lock through it. does that help? The whole idea might work for another shell too, as long as it's semi-similarly shaped?
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hello people, just thought i'd update a couple of pics of my dreads, had them now for around *thinks* sinse May Last year (10 months approx), they're doing ok, just the horribleness of flkaey scalp grrrrrrr, i've tried loads of stuff and yes i DO wash them, not overley though!

my mum did them for me thinking i'd be going through a phase,bless :D, but now she's saying they're getting quite nice looking instead of being all fluffly and loose...MOGO xxx

close up

lovely neckale which i adore

only hat i can wear!!!
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