March 29th, 2004


I've read about rubbing wool on your head to form dreads, but has anyone tried rubbing wool on already formed dreads to catch all the loose hairs? Would this work?

Like a Barry Manilow, jingle I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

I just recently chopped off my hair, a whole 10/12 inches of it, so it lays right about at my shoulders. I'm pretty content with it, but I've had 4289734987 different hair styles because they get boring after a week. @_@ I tried dreads about two summers ago and didn't know enough about them to follow through with the idea. So I came home today, frustrated with my hair and started to rub the same section over and over...then back combed it...

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Dr Bronners?

So. Today I went job hunting and I went to this crappy vitamin store called GNC, and guess what I found?! DR BRONNERS 28756 in 1 peppermint soap stuff! Ive been looking EVERYWHERE for it. Yet it was quite expensive there. Is it worth it to use it?
Yay or nay? Preferably from someone who uses it.

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So I'm taking my aqualeaders so I can become a lifeguard and I went to my first class yesterday.

I was scared that the chlorine might do something funky to my hair so I got out a swim cap to try out (I do not care how dumb it looks I want my dreadies) but forgot it at home!

I swam anyways and it was awesome having them loose and having them float around my head.
I rinsed them very well, of course, but they still have a bit of a chlorine-y smell.

The one thing I noticed was that, before I had very bad dandruff and it was getting scabby, and when I came home I noticed that the flakes were gone. And even today they were gone too.

I'm glad I'll be swimming more. Because then my scalp will be clearer.

BUT is this dangerous to my dreads?

[I'm taking mine out in a couple weeks and letting my scalp clear anyways, then cutting my hair shorter and getting them done again for camp in June. Everyone I talk to think I'm stupid for brushing them (ick) out, then they become reassured when I tell them I'm getting them again.]
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