March 30th, 2004

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i had a dream about my dreads again. kind of. i dreamt that i went to the store with my brother and i saw those little rubber bands that i could use for my hair! and they were in the $1.99 bin and i was pretty excited. i looked at the origional price tag and it was 10.99$!!! i just thought it was kind of weird. oh yea. and you know tortise shell print or whatever that htey have for glasses?? the rubber bands were that print. hehe.

Newbie Help....

Ok Iam new here...i dont have dreads yet..Iam dying for them. But I have a few questions before I start.
This may sound gross to some but...
I havent washed my hair in a few days...i take a shower wet it and thats it...and I havent combed it since...well I cant rember...I like the looks it gives me.
I have a few matted clumps of hair and some twisty braids through out the mass that is my hair....
would now be the time to start dreading?
Iam broke so I have no money for special shampoo's or anything, should I just untangle my beautiful mess and wait till I have $$$ for stuff to begin dreading?

Pardon my ignorance...

any advice or info would be marvy

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slick pink rock

What you are about to witness may cause constipation and otherworldlyness. This is due to the fact that I deaded my undercut a month ago, and I'm only getting around to posting about it now. Hey baby, wanna procrastinate with me?
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so i have these 3 dreads in the back that are beginning to grow together. i've thought about cutting them apart, but once i think about it, just letting them do their thing will also be nice...i have like 3 other dreads that "got married," and i let them do that, but i've never had dreads decide to do a threesome before. it'll be a pretty big dread i guess. does anyone else just let their dreads grow together if that's what it looks like they want? or do you usually just cut/rip them apart? these three are beyone the "rip them apart" stage, the bond is pretty strong. haha aww, they love each other. maybe i'll let them become one. hahaha.

i went through another phase of wanting to cut them off, but i'm so glad i never follow through because,,,i love them, i love what they mean to me, i cant forget what they mean to me, and the reasons i want to cut them off are usually shallow, unimportant, "i want to be a pretty-girl" reasons. first of all, today's popular beauty standards are something i should not care to live up to, second of all, dreads are beautiful. and i love the fact that fellow dreadies are like part of your family, or something.

with love for the people in this community, you guys rock.
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why have i never seen this before!?


i havent had dreads for a full year now. you guys should kick me out the community or something.
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