April 1st, 2004

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As someone mentioned dreams..

The other night I had a dream I shaved my head.. it was scary, it felt very real. I remember during the dream totally regretting doing it, and immediately saying I was going to grow my hair again and dread it.

I woke up and had to check my dreads were still there :-(
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big 'ol bases

Hey everyone. I started dreading up over the weekend and things are for the most part going really well. They are forming nice so far due to my horribly curley hair. There is one thing I have been wondering about...even though the dreads are really great, it seems like the dreads are like twice as skinny as the baces. it's really weird. Does this happen to anyone? And you can just rip them down the middle, right? Sorry if this is vauge. I'll post pictures later today if I get a chance but for now I have to run to a damn class in 20 minutes.

thanks all!!
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dread dance

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okay, so heres my deal... last september or something like that, maybe earlier, i decided i wanted dreads. i started to do the backcombing and wax thing, and before i got anywhere with it, i decided that it wasnt for me. so i got all the wax out and my hair went pretty much back to normal.. i took the route of no brushing and no maintenance (except for the occasional washing).. so here i am six or seven months later and i really dig what has happened. and i have a question for everyone else taht went this route.. did your hair just start growing into dreads? cuz the roots to about half-way down (some of them further) of my hair is really knotted up, the rest is pretty loose. im not asking for ways to fix the loose ends, im just curious if this is everyone elses experience? i was growing out a mohawk when i let my hair go, so there wasnt much length.. its kind of just grown into this....

heres how theyre lookin these days...

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i love you guys
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Alright, I'm starting my dreads tomorrow after two to three months of planning. So can you peoplz give me any pointers. Pleaz and thanx.

(I plan to post before and after pics here so keep on the lookout)