April 2nd, 2004

well i'll be


my friend took these of me this evening.
my hair began to dread a few on its own, and then when i made the dreads i regretted doing it myself and not letting them take their course, but they were staying together too nicely to make an effort in taking them out. they're about three months along, and are strong in all areas but the roots, which are just... fluffy. i'm a lazy person, so i pretty much let them be instead of palmrolling or any of that. the pictures aren't very great hair shots, as that wasn't being aimed for, but i thought i'd post them anyway. they give you some idea, and it's nice to see people's faces in a community, anyway. here we go...

that's not a fake smile, i promise.




holy mackerel...

well, that's about it.

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ah i need to know!
how does one like myself fix the tips..that seem to curl and frizz..ive tried palm rolling but it aint doing much..maybe im not doing it right..any tips on fixing tips??!
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Anyone want to do a bead swap with me?! feel free to comment and such..and i will email you..im from australia so anyone willing to i will be glad to swap.
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so i posted here a while ago like...2 weeks? 3?? !!!

i dont remember - BUT...i had said i took my dreads out..and i did...i missed them uber much...

today i got home from school..and without even thinking about it...i made a dread...its the best one ive ever made i think..well one of them at least..its the only one i have..and im gunna deal with that (this is my fix for now)until my hair gets longer...and then i will have one KCIK ASS DREAD...aaaaand a buncha babies ^_^...but it looks really good..so i thought id share haha...

(my mom loves it, she never really minded the dreads though... "^_^ awww! it looks so cuuute!"...shes nuts & i love her.)

twist and rip ya'll...repreZentin

love you doods
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