April 3rd, 2004



hi there, i just did my dreads 3 days ago and ive been spending roughly 2 hours a day on them, i joined this community because it seems like a great place, everyone so supportive and friendly!
so heres me, with an obligatory tophat
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So I often see queries in here about dreadhead vs. knottboy products, and thought I'd share my experience...

My dreads are pretty new (about 6 months old), done by backcombing, and I originally used the dreadhead products. The shampoo stung my scalp a little, but I used it for up to a month before getting my dreads, and have only just run out of it. It worked fine for keeping my hair clean pre-dreads (in fact, my hair was healthier and nicer than with all the expensive shampoo and conditioner I used to use) but it did make the dye bleed out. No problem as I didn't really want to keep my hair dyed anyway. After a while with the dreads though, I found it really hard to get the shampoo (which comes in liquid form) into my scalp through the dreads, and would use heaps of it just trying to get it all the way in, and was paranoid that I was ripping the roots apart whilst trying to do so - perhaps the reason my roots haven't come together well. My scalp just wasn't getting clean, and even immediately after washing I could still feel some goo in there. When I ran out of this, I thought I'd try knottyboy, partly thanks to the recommendation of qamar. The shampoo these guys make comes in a solid bar. And oh, its so much easier to apply! a good rub over the head, and you're done! My scalp is perfectly clean for the first time in months, it feels absolutely wonderful, and the smell is divine. It didn't sting at all, and I was in and out of the shower a whole lot faster. Its possible the format of the soap is the important thing - the bar is miles easier and I wish someone had told me before!

So there's my experience! I'm sure the other bar soaps are probably as good, but I sure won't be going back to the dreadhead stingy liquid!
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dammit, i changed again

I am seriously thinking about cutting it all off this week. My family has hated it from the beginning and my friends keep telling me i look scary. I think it's because of the loose hairs and the messy-ness of the whole thing...I should have done it the natural way or the knotty boy way from the beginning. To top it all off, I got in a fight with my friend yesterday in band class. He started it, but it was just as much my fault as it was his. I'm the only girl in the jazz band, so the guys were pretty freaked out like, "what just happened?" So, I'm going to cut my hair and have a fresh start when I go back after spring break.
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I'm hearing a lot about the twist and rip methods but I'm really not sure about how to actually rip the dread down the middle. Hair is really strong...maybe I'm not ripping hard enough????
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