April 6th, 2004

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half the side of my head is extremly shorter than the other
how long does it take for dreads to grow?
do they just shrink? and then after years just grow?
tell me how much yours have grown since youve locked.

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well my freind Nate drew this for me in the fall  yea i was going to put it in here awhile ago but he hates it he says that its the wores hes ever done so yea. but im not going to tell him so yea


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man, i haven't washed my hair in a month! xD

:| anyway.

everything is fine and dandy... yet with that root problem. its not really a problem, i kind of like the loose feel. i also like the loose hair around my face, anyway.... i've done the clockwise root twisting, whatever you want to call it - didn't work really... and i'm giving a little elastic a try.

any other tips though? thinking maybe some back combing and then hemp wrap the roots... that would take so much time though :|

but i guess its just time... eventually i know they will (should?) dread up as they grow. ha! its been 7 months. hoot for me. i could put up pictures.... but hey, i'm a lazy bastard.

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Well, I finally got some of these damn pictures to work for me. Oh, don't scream to loud, you might wake the neigbors.
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Well, I finally got some of these damn pictures to work for me. Oh, don't scream to loud, you might wake the neigbors.
<lj-cuttext="Well here it goes...">
I think that they look pretty bad but, eh.
I screwed around with the color a bit.
<img src=http://img39.photobucket.com/albums/v120/scrago/jesiica-1.jpg>
and before the accident...
<img src=http://img39.photobucket.com/albums/v120/scrago/jeissica-1.jpg>
that one is what my hair is really colored.

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hey, i just read on the knotty boys site that washing hair with normal shampoo is a no no..well new dreads that is. and ah i washed my hair with normal shampoo..um..im thinking this has something to do with the way my hair is now..lots of loose hairs and the like. i dont know how to crochet and eh..this community needs a memories page..it would be so much easier.

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for people who have had lice before. how do you know that you have it? it says on a website that i was on that to keep lice out of your hair to brush it and that the medications only work if you soak your head in it for hours.now im all paranoid about it. haha. im sure it isnt that big of a deal because people without dreads get it too. my younger cousins got them a couple years ago actually. but its harder for us to tell if we have them untill its pretty bad. i feel like im doing a breast exam when i check for lice. hehe. anyways. any more info you guys have will make me much less calm. : )

update ... i accidentially posted this to my normal journal. oops. haha

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hey guys.......
I've got a 5 year old little girl( shes mixed),,,, and shes very tenderheaded and doesnt like to have people brush her hair,,,,,,,
washing it isnt a problem but she hates to have her hair brushed......
I wanna put her hair in dreads..... and shes kinda fond of the idea....

I was just wondering if anyone thinks it would be a good idea... or a bad idea??
Opinions are welcome ..... and thank you in advance.