April 8th, 2004

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Okay. I have had my dreads for five days and have a lot of loose hair. What the hell can I do with it?
Some of my dreads look really messed up, like some are loose and have huge loopy like things. I've tried to plamroll the but they have proved to be a worthy adversary to my patience. Help? Pweaz?
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A few months ago, a girl I was dating (at the time) convinved me with her evil ways, to cut off my dreads,..and sport a much "cleaner" look, as she put it. Well, eventually she got the boot, and my dreads were still gone :[ How long does it take for hair to grow to dread length..? *sniff*
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Hey everyone, I just joined up. I don't actually have dreds yet, just figured this would be a good place to get a few of my questions answered before I started...here's the first:
Whenever I start messing around trying to give myself my first dred, it ends up more like a cornrow, in the way that a portion of it is stuck to my head, and when I pull it back or let it fall (depending on what direction I twisted), it looks, well, not what I'm thinking it should look like. So, is this just a normal thing that will be remedied once the dred actually becomes a dred, and that I'm making a big deal out of, or is my technique wrong? I know I'm extremely ignorant in this subject, but you gotta start somewhere, no? Thanks for any help!

dreads dominate HS ?!?!

Cool things can happen at school, who woulda thunk it? Recently my school was voting for 'senior favorites' and low and behold i'm on the ballot for girl with best hair (and most unique!!:D also probably due to my hair/style). Not that this is a major aspiration but I think it's pretty neat. My competition is one girl with blonde straight hair and someone else who i don't believe has terribly exciting hair ;D. Many people had to vote for me to even get on this final ballot and my senior class is huge (over 1,000) so I'm feeling pretty radtastic.

This compassion for dreads carried over to the boys section where the only other kid at my school who has dreads is competing for best guy hair. He cut his off during spring break but I guess people still remember the greatness of his hair. I consider this not only a joyous occasion for myself but for my fellow dreaded friends. I'll find out if I win at prom, in which i'll be sure to update.

So lets see what all the fuss is about...
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oh another question, if anybody can understand what i'm trying to put into words: will the dreads eventually be able to move anywhere without looking funny and bent at the roots...like if i put them in a pony-tail the roots don't bend the right way and it looks lumpy. later, will that problem go away, or do i have to do something funky to prevent it?