April 9th, 2004


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so...yesterday i say this guy with georgous long ass blonde dreadlocks...
i stopped him and talked to him about them a little bit...he said that he had his for seven years and that if i could make it through the summer then i would be fine and prolly be able to handle them forever...
he was really nice...
plus mucho sexy
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Hey everyone...remember a few days ago when I said I was going to cut my hair? Well, I've changed my mind and instead of cutting it I'm going to get it fixed up. I had a revelation the other night (or morning) at about 2:30. I thought, "there is no way i'm cutting my hair...i don't think i would be able to bear it." So I'm keeping the locks. Hooray for me.
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Well, the first and only dreads and extensions salon has finally opened up in Israel... and I wonder -
they want 400 NIS (100$) for dread treatment (fixing)
600 NIS (150$) for making new dreads
and 1200 NIS (300$!?!?) for a few extensions to attach to existing dreads.

and I wonder - are those prices reasonable?
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happy third monthual to me
happy third monthual to me
happy third monthual to me e
happy third monthual to me

no one else was going to do it
im sick of mum and dad being on my case about my hair
how much longer can they sustain calling me horrible ?
oh well
i love them
and that's all that matters

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hey ya'll ^_^

so i made a post a week ago i guess...a little more...and i said i hade made ONE dread...well a few days after that i made one more on the other side if my head.....then last night i made one in the back...and one by the first one...SO...one turned into 4...in a week haha...so who knows...maybe in a month or two...i will have awhole head again? ^_^ who is compulsive?! not me!!!

i think im just gunna stop brushing my hair..i dont really remember the last time i did...and i washed my hair on tuesday...only cuz i dyed it...bah ^_^

but...i have ALOT of experience making dreads...and 3 out of 4...i did twist and pull...they are soooooooo wonderful...whoever doesnt use twist and pull is a fool!!! ^_^ but they look like they are...a month old...and i made then last night....wiggidy wiggidy whack ya'll!!

peace homies
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I figured I should update.
Plus I have a question.
My hair is coming along fine and has come a long way since August. For those of you who dont already know, I am going the all natural route. The pictures never do the hair justice and you cant see the individual locks, but whatever. There is a decent amount of undreaded hair but not too much. My only problem is that I have some monster dreads growing. Most of them are big but there is one that is a fuckin dinosaur tail. I like it, its cool but it wants to swallow up my whole head of hair and I'm not too keen on that. Anyway, I tried to wrap it in hemp (someone else did, actually) and it slipped out the day after. Plus getting it in good was difficult. I dont have anything in it right now, to keep it seperated, but if I leave it like this, I end up cutting it off of other parts of my hair and that cant be good (esp when I have to do this at least every couple of weeks). Oh, and I tried rubber bands on it and my hair eats them and I have to cut them out. So what the hell should I do to the dino tail?
Oh yeah, do you ever find stuff in your hair?
Sometimes I find hair elastics in mine. Somehow they get lost in there, but it's funny to me that my hair eats stuff. I cant count how many times I have found hair elastics or plant matter in there.
Anyway, here are the pictures.
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