April 11th, 2004

dread dance

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i am a christian and its always bugged me that the way jesus is depicted visually, not that the way he looked is really that important, but the standard image we are presented with is most likely wrong.
anyway, i enjoyed this tattoo of a dreadlocked jesus and i thought maybe you guys would enjoy it, even tho the quality of the tattoo is not fabulous. the idea is what i liked.

peace my brothers and sisters
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Ok, I guess I'll post this here, too.

Due to the great popularity of NBC owned Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," a new spin-off is being created that will focus on the Bush administration's lack of ability to anticipate the fierce determination of the people of Fallujah to fight for their own freedom from an overbearing Plutocracy.

The new show is to be called "Black Eye for the Dumb White Guy"

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Hi y'all, still-unlocked newbie here.
All my life I thought I'll never dare to let my mane lock, because... well... seeing other white folks with nasty, manky, unwashed drain-hairmats they call "dreads" is kinda discouraging. [Too many people from around here think eschewing shampoo and coating their hair in all kinds of gunk is the way to go.]
So I tried to grow my hair long and pretty only to discover the mess at mid-back length doesn't intend to stay flowing longer than an hour after washing - it just wants to tangle itself in knots from roots to tips. I thought, hell, if it wants to, I'll let it! The day I'm done with my exams I'll part and palmroll it for a while. It's so curly and tangly it won't take long - I tested the approach on a snipped-off section. I have to admit the result does look kinda cute.

Question: I'm going to to crochet a tam, but I don't want to kill my baby locs with unsuitable fibers. What are y'all's tams made of? Cotton, wool, blends?
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I bleached my dreads last night and it turned YELLOW in most places and WHITE in others. I assume I didn't leave the bleach in long enough.

My question-- how long should I wait before bleaching again? Or should I use regular light blond hairdye this time? I just don't want to kill my hair dead. It doesn't look terrible, it's actually kind of cute, but it's really not what I wanted. Is a week long enough to wait?

spray bottle shenanigans...

Well today I finally got around to using sea salt on my dreads (which turn 16 weeks old tomorrow). I actually used a sea salt-lemon-water mix on my hair right before I dreaded....but being my genius self, I left the bottle sitting around while some type of fungus colonized the bits of lemon pulp from when I juiced it. SOOOOO I freaked out, washed my hair like 3 times in a row to make sure none of that crap was growing in there, and set the bottle aside for a few months.

I finally decided to try salt again (minus the lemon) so I soaked the bottle in a mild bleach to kill anything that might be left, and I just used it today after washing my hair. SOOOO I guess the point of this extremely long post is to ask who uses sea salt, and how much they use on their dreads. I dissolved about 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt in 125 mL of water, and sprayed about 75 mL of that...who knows how much actually ended up in my hair.

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Hey, I'm newly dreaded (since last night). I didn't use any wax or anything (just twisted/ripped/backcomned), so it'll be a while until they're strongly matted, but is there any way to make the ends rounded despite this fact? At the moment it sort of looks like I just got lazy and didn't finish the ends...I was hoping if they were rounded it would stick a little more. Any opinions? Thanx.

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i'm visiting my cousin in florida right now. my hair feels SOOOOOOO good! i love getting out of the salt water and having it all knotty! aaaaaaand now i'm going to stop talking because i'm awfully tired.
hope everyone had a nice holiday :D