April 12th, 2004

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helllllp! my dandruff is really really bad and i guess im scared because i knew it was going to happen, but it's reallly noticeable. (and i've never had dandruff in my life even when i only washed my hair once a week pre dreads) yesterday my mom said it looks like someone dumped a bucket of sand on my head which....kinda sucks i guess. everybody keeps asking what the white stuff in my hair is. hahah. right now i'm okay with it because i know it's inevitable with new dreads but im scared it's gonna get caught in my dreads and you'll be able to see it forever or something.. thats not possible is it?? im sorry this probably doesnt make sense but i just woke up so there's my excuse.

i need help, tips, comments, love, peace, whatever. please and thank you<3

oh and here's a weird picture to make this less boring.
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Do these look alright to you guys after 4 some months? I know it's hard to tell because they're black...

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It's hard to take your own dreadie pictures heh

Also, has anyone recieved the new monthly KnottyBoy e-zine in their e-mail yet? I haven't gotten mine yet and I thought maybe I got duped and everyone else got it but me :P
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Question for you all

Hey. I just joined this community the other day. I had dreads before briefly, and I'm definately going to do them again. One thing me and my friend were both wondering is how accepting most businesses are of dreads. I keep hearing that you can be a teacher or all sorts of things if you have dreads, but around here it's hard enough to get a job if you look normal. Alot of places won't even hire you if you have visible tattoos or piercings, (which I do), even though it's supposed to be more widely accepted by now. Anyway, so what we were wondering is if all of you could post a little job information to give us an idea of what's ok. Just say like

-Your occupation
-And any other important info, like if anyone at work has ever had any problems with your dreads, or if it was tough getting interviewed because of your dreads, or anything like that.

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Hey all! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous dreaded hair!
Two summers ago my hair was real short - buzzed in fact. Funky but soon boring, so I decided to grow it. It's been growing free and unbrushed and is about shoulder length now. I plan to dread it very soon, but have a couple of difficulties I'm hoping you can help me with.
First. My hair's super excited about the dread idea and has gone ahead and started without me! (Ahem, or it's knotting up because I don't brush it...) So I've got these wild all-natural dreads. 5 of them. 2 should be able to be managed by adding in loose hair and back-combing them into a more uniform rope. The other 3, though, have joined together at their roots, starting to form a huge fat MEGA-DREAD!! Looks like a wide wad of a root (maybe 3 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick, 2 inches long) which splits into 3 normal sized wild wild dreads. Now, I'm all for dread love and solidarity... but I'm going to want to split these guys up. They're definitely dreaded - there's no possibility of combing them out, they've been knotting for months. So yeah, the question is: HOW do I break apart the MEGA-root? I guess I could carefully cut through with scissors and backcomb/sew any loose hairs in... Your thoughts?
Second. I'm vegan and therefore don't use any animal products. It's important to wax new baby dreads to help them tighten up and look all tidy (which is important for work this summer), right? BUT all the nice natural dread waxes (from Knotty Boy, etc.) contain beeswax - not vegan, therefore not usable by me. Anyone know of a vegan substitute?
[EDIT: Soo I've gotten some good wax advice... but no help yet on the MEGA-DREAD problem. Anyone??]

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Man, I can't stand being un-dreaded. And my hair is only down to 3 inches at some parts, man. Would it be lame if I satarted the baby dreads?

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A few questions

I have a few questions before I decide to get myself some dreads.

First, does anyone know much about the product line Knotty Boy? I was researching online, and they had the most helpful website and the product line seemed useful. Good experience or bad, if you have used their products?

Second, I have a wierd scalp condition where I get a bit flakey as an allergic response. Is there any suggestion about how to get rid of this before I get the dreads? I understand that flakes/itchy scalp are part of the dread head thing, but I don't want to make my scalp any worse if I can help it. If dreads are totally going to ruin my head, I will just give up on the idea.

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i am starting to really really really regret not letting my hair continue to dread on its own.
sometimes i think it looks really weird. they're definitely not bad considering i worked on them by myself and in the time period of like an hour or two, but that doesn't change my feelings.