April 13th, 2004

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hey yall ^_^

do you know about ebsin(sp?) salt...people soak achey things in it....would that work on dreads??? eh? anyone

nikki rae

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Ropey !! Weeh !! :)

My dreads feel soooo nice today :)

Yesterday I did my weekly upkeep 'coz I washed my hair on Saturday. So, I took my trusty needles and started sewing like mad :) After doing this (at my own pace) for a couple of hours, I had 4 à 5 dreadies with round tips and the rest of them had the normal pitch forked tips ^-^ It's look kinda cool, this combo :) Now my hair isn't exactly at the same length anymore but I think it looks rad :) After the whole sewing session, I did the clockwise rubbing thingy on my roots, and that made them tight for the first time in *counts* 3 months :) I hadn't tried this before (I'm that lazy ;D ) but I'm glad I did. They actually feel like ropes right now and I couldn't be happier ^-^ *hugs them*

I'm scared for Saturday though :S That's washing day and I fear that the tight ropey feeling will be gone and that I'll have to start all over again :(

Wuff ju

~*XxX*~ Hillibo
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Alrighty. Thanks for all your help on the job situation. Now I'd like to get your opinions on something. I want dreads, obviously, but when I picture myself with them, I don't see a big puffy head full of them like most people do. I picture more freedom, movement, lightness, and length over thickness. Immediately what comes to mind is bands like Dope, Ill Nino, or ICP, that have dreads on top, but the rest is shaved.

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So I'm basically wondering, does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do this correctly? Like how many dreads there should be or what size to make the square sections since these would obviously be thinner than normal dreasd. Or does anyone advise against this for any reason... Suggestions, advice, and opinions are welcome. Thanks!


My dreads are about 9 months old now and they're great and rock solid, but they've developed all these little loopy things about an inch or two down from the roots which are kinda bugging me... does anyone have any advice for getting rid of them?

Also two other questions - how do you maintain your roots (I have my own way, but I'm curious how other people do it) I started my dreads with backcomb and wax because I didn't know any other way, and then I stopped using wax and just palmroll now... what is twist and rip?
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when i first started dreads, via backcombing or twist n rip, i rubber banded the ends. a couple weeks later i just kinda let them fall out on their own. they were fine.

i have really skinny dreads, and the circumfrence of the dread is not as big as the section of hair that it forms from, if that amkes any sense.

well now, my roots are growing, and i clockwise rub em and they get all knotted up, but the roots are fat and the dreads are skinny. i know the dreads will fatten with time a little.. but the root to dread size ratio on my head is.. well really really large. its like a cotton ball with a pencil coming out of it. (made of hair..) should i just wait? should i re-rubberband? should i trim off parts of the skinny dreads in hope of the whole thing getting fatter?


some of my roots are growing strange, and i suppose its because i sleep on em or somehting.. the ones in the back force my dreads to point upward, and my roots just get all smushed up against my scalp. should i be tying my hair down at the nape of my neck when i sleep?

and one last thing (i promise!)

i have this one dread at the back of my head, where the root splits like its gonna make two, and then rejoins to make one dread. kind of like some of those people's tips out there that split into two? yeah mines reversed. rubber bands? maybe?

if you can answer ANY of these questions.. or multiple's cool too.. i'd really appreciate it! you guys kick booty.
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some dread-related images

- Dread Man superhero type drawing
- graffiti of a man with dreads
- ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/h/u/humiston/dreadlocks.jpg = boy character with dreads based on Disney's Tarzan
- Nepalese man with 6-foot dreads (he can put his foot behind his head)
- "Dreadlocks and the Three Bears" cover
- ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/g/r/gruffin/dreadlox.jpg = drawing of a lizard-like being with purple dreads
- 'Free Your Hair and Your Mind Will Follow'
- Hungarian Puli dog
- Puli dancing in snow
- Puli jumping

IF you want to see the 2 images at ew2.lysator.liu.se you've gotta copy and paste the addresses to your address bar - hopefully you can see them that way. Can't seem to link to them normally...

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anyone know how to get rid of frizzyness? i love my dreads but i have like an aurora of frizzyness round my head!

Also whats everyones veiws on wax, i have a tub of dreadhead stuff, but i've hear a lot of people talk about not using wax.


hmmmm ???

I have some Murray's Beeswax that I had planned on using to form dreadlocks with. One thing sort of made me question it though...the ingredients say: Petrolatum, Select Australian Beeswax, and Fragrance. What's your opinion, is this a good brand to use?
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