April 15th, 2004


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hello all
my dreads are only about 2 weeks old, so tell me if i'm just being impatient; the bottoms and roots are dreading fine and getting thick, but many of the dreads are straightening out and feeling limp in the middle. i took one out and redreaded the whole thing and i might do the rest, because i did get tired while i was doing them and i slacked after a while...should i wait or just redo the problem ones?

To part or not to part

Howdy. Sorry if this question's been asked before, but I don't think it has recently. I've always pictures dreads being parted down the middle so that it's pretty even on both sides. It would kind of suck to have a ton of dreads leaning on one side and almost none on the other. But way more often than not I've heard people say to avoid parting your hair like you normally would when you make dreads. They say it looks "odd to have a blinding part" down the center of your head. They recommend putting a line of dreads right smack dab in the middle of your head where a part would be, and then making each dread lean to alternating sides, left right left right, like a zipper. What way do you people have yours and do you like it or did you wish you did it the opposite way? I always assumed I'd part my hair to dread it, but if avoiding a part is better than I'd be willing to do that. Which is better?