April 17th, 2004


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Hey guys, I have some dread root hair dye questions.

With summer on its' way and my annual hair dye adventure coming with it, I was wondering if any of you have dyed your roots only? My hair is naturally brown, so when the roots grow out I dye them black. I've done this before, and it's quite a task, as many of you know. I've been growing my roots out so I can blach them and then dye them purple, because all the bleach I've used doesn't work on black dyed hair.

So has anyone ever tried dying the roots of their dreads only? How did it work out? And how did you do it?

Thanks in advance :D
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o0o0o, yesterday i decided to try washing my dreadies with soap, as i usualy just use shower gel or this Dax soap i have. My god it works SO well + it's seemes as though it's helping the flakyness disappear and felt LOADS tighter when i finally dried them all off. I used Dove soap, made me think first as it said it's made from moisturiser or something, but i'll definatley be using it again :D :D
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makey outey.

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I've got some questions about dying. (Sorry, heh.) My dreads are about six months old, so I'm hoping they're not too young... I'd like to dye just a few of them, and my hair is dark, so I'd need to bleach it first. I bought a Clairol bleaching kit thing, L'Oreal red hair dye, and a shower cap so I can cut holes and pull just the dreads I want to dye through.

Can anyone give me some advice? Should I cover them in tinfoil after I put the dye in? What's the best way to get the color in evenly? My mother's insisting it's going to fry the hair too much, and that there'll be "dreads in the bottom of the shower" before I know it. My hair's never been dyed before, I'm new to all of this, including the dread-y part. So yeah -- any sort of advice or whatever would be great.

Thanks guys, and sorry for the all text-ness. My prom was last night, I'll post pictures of what I did with my hair sometime soon, if anyone's intersted.

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2 Weeks

Sorry I posted earlier, but I finally got a picture of my self. It's really shitty but I had to use two different mirrors to get it.
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And a question, on the average, how often do yall wash your hair.

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Hey everyone. My dreads are about 3 or 4 months old. They were really short when I did them, and finally they are long enough to put most of them in cute little pigtails! :D

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As you can see from the color difference between my pics and my icon, the colors have faded a lot. I will probably dye them again early on in May. I'm nervous, though, because I will need to bleach them to do it, and I haven't dyed my hair since I dreaded it. But I love them and I am so glad I got up the guts to finally dread it. And thank you all for your wonderful support and supercute pictures!
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