April 21st, 2004

makey outey.

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Just spent forever trying to dye some dreads...
What I'd wanted was bright, pure red, but I live in an ittybitty Maine city, and a dye like Manic Panic was nowhere to be found... so I bought the brightest, reddest "regular" dye I could find. Put a shower cap on, poked some holes, pulled out some dreads. Put some bleach on them. Kept it on there for an hour before it did much of anything -- my hair is a wicked dark brown -- but finally it was something like blonde, so I rinsed and blowdried them. Then we put the red in and left that on for nearly half an hour, rinsed that for-fucking-ever, until the runoff was clear. Put it up in a towel for a bit, then went to blowdry.

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edited with a picture of the front of me, so you all know that though I may make goofy faces, I'm not as deformed as I look in those other pictures

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this picture is actually from a few weeks ago (my dreads have come pretty far in just those few weeks), but i like it a lot, and i just uploaded it, so i thought i'd share!

my dreads' 4-month will be the 24th... so, like every month, i'll post a bunch then. haha.
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i have not touched my dreads in quite a while now.. i havent washed them or sewed loose hairs. i had some rubber bands but as they fell off i just let them be.

tonight! i am going to pamper my dreads.

washing, sea salt soak, sewing some up, trimming some tips, and then possibly waxing. (i'm a wax user, so don't try to convince me not to use it, it's gonna happen anyway.)

anyway, i was wondering what else i could do to pamper my head and it's knotty little kingdom.

any tips? what do you do to treat yourself?

ode to my knotty head

my dreads are 14 months old
only toddlers
they are bumpy
and frizzy
and some are skinny,
while others are wide

my dreads have lots of loopy things
and loose hairs
some little baby ones
have latched onto larger neighbors
my roots are getting tighter
but they still poke out
in all directions

my dreads are messy, damn it.
they exist
in a slow state of change
like trees and tides
I am just a bystander
providing love and a warm scalp

my dreads not applicable
to soft haired magazine girls
or hair spray commercials
my dreads are me
and I wouldnt have them any other way

sorry for the grossness of this ):

someone told me something once that made me have 2nd thoughts about getting dreads. one of my friend's mothers use to be a doctor in the forensic science lab and she did autopsies on bodies with unknown deaths.
we were talking about dreadlocks, and she told me she didnt like them much anymore. She had to do an autopsy on a man once who had them and when they scalped him(as part of the procedure), they found that he had a nest of black widow spiders in his dreads and bites all over his head. this just completely freaked me out, does this kind of thing ever worry you or make you paranoid? i'm sure this wouldn't happen if dreads are taken good care of.
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ive had dreads for about 5 months now. ive always had problems with dandruff even before dreads. so i still do with the dreads of course. but it seems that no matter how hard i scrub my head when i wash it, the dandruff wont go away... its almost like.. its embedded in my roots (which are actually pretty tight and nice as far as roots go) so im thinking...mabey there is a bunch of dandruff stuck in my roots that wont come out.. is that possible? or am i just making stuff up? because it really really seems that way..
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Monday night I was tired of having my ends bad, and I got so very upset that night as well.

So I cut off most of my hair.

Now, the longest one is about 6inches long, and the ones underneath are only about an inch.
So I have tiny pinners that I looooove to death.

My mom asked me why I didn't want to be pretty anymore.
I asked her if she thought that people with dreads aren't pretty.
She didn't really answer.

Off to try to shower without having the little ones come undone.
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