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greetings from paradise [23 Apr 2004|01:39am]
hey i was thinking before, i was born with pin straight and thin hair, and even as i kid, i had wanted something different, my mom used to get perms all the time, and i was like 8 or something, and asked if i could get one too..of course being 8...perms are probably not a good idea at any age for that matter, now i think of dreads, and how mine have formed in the past year..., and theyve gone from this wild and crazy kind of i dont know to something beautiful and they get more so with time. and thats really cool

so i hope you guys liked my little story...and stay beautiful

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[23 Apr 2004|06:30am]
what exactly are the benefits fro dr. b's soap anyways? is it good to use while dreading or only after? and what kinds are best for what? i am assuming that thee peppermint is good for drying out your hair correct? how long does one usually wait before dreading? this is about as long as my hair is now but i am pulling it from a huge curl, so it dreads by itself if i let it go a day or two:

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[23 Apr 2004|11:52am]
Question: Is it a bad idea after washing hair (once all is dry) to wax..anyone here continuously wax..?
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GUIDE TO HEALTHY DREADS [23 Apr 2004|02:41pm]
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hey everyone. i've been noticing a lot of questions lately and thought i'd make my own little how-to thing for people about to dread. these are some tips i have collected and found useful. of course, everyone does dreads their own way; this is what has worked for me. i've catorgorized the tips with keywords. maybe we could add this to the memories page or something?



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