April 24th, 2004

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My sections: Too small? Too big? Perfect?
I'm aiming for a headful of not very "scalpy", slim locks. The one on the left was twist&rip done by a dreadhead at my school, but I'd rather tangle 'em up a little and let them mature on their own. With my hair texture there's no chance in hell they'd unravel even if I washed and conditioned them today.
Right now there are four dreads in the bottom row and 3 out of possible 5 in the next one. Wish me luck, I'm going back for more. The erstwhile paivansade is going to section and I'll palmroll, twist and otherwise felt 'em.

Job interviews

Hey, I know this is kinda an old question and all...but I'm going to ask it anyway :P

My old employer hasn't come through for me, so it seems I need to find a new job for this summer. There's a local "youth summer employment centre" or something that I contacted, and they give you lists of numbers of employers and stuff, and tell any potential employers that they'll pay for $2/hour of the student's wages when hired. Still, I'm going to have to do a lot of interviews for 'student' jobs (read: minimum wage, service industry/retail) and I'm wondering whether or not the dreads will scare some potential jobs away. Should I secure myself a good tam or somesuch? My current part-time employer didn't have any problem with the dreads, but I was already hired when I got them. What have been your experiences with trying to get minimum wage jobs with dreads?


Hey. I've been in this community for a while studying different peoples' dreads and asking them what size sections they made so I can get a pretty good idea of what will come out looking like what. So after seeing many examples, I thought I had a pretty accurate idea. Average size dreads are about an inch by an inch sized square sections. The smaller dreads that are pretty thin and flexible are a half inch by a half inch, or 3/4 x 3/4 if you're worried they'll be too thin and will fall apart. Large dreads are like 1.5 x 1.5 or 2 x 2.

Then my friend came over today and said she wanted to dread her hair, so she did. Her sections were about an inch by an inch, maybe even a little bigger. But I was amazed to see that her dreads were really really thin. They looked about as thin as the half inch dreads I've seen. Yet her sections were like 2 or 3 times larger than that. I know dreads thicken as they mature, but wouldn't they be all puffy and large when you first do them because of all the loose hair? They looked so freakin tiny... I don't get it. Is it because of the length of her hair or something? Or the thickness of it? Or number of hairs per square inch? I mean I know all those things are different for each person but they shouldn't make that drastic of a difference. Now I'm all worried because I thought I was sure I'd know what size to make my sections, but now after seeing hers I have no idea. Help!