April 26th, 2004

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so the bottom half of the left side of my head all dreaded together into one big dread and same on the right side. ha! my friend was trying to fix it. but we ran out of time. i think it made him mad. haha. seeing dreads in such poor condition. they should be atleast a bit good by now. a little over 2 months old. hmph. ohwell! im sure theyll be fine in a year or so : ) no pictures! sorry : (
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I got my dreads put into an up-do for prom on Saturday night, and they looked totally cool. I'll post some pictures if I can.

Here's my question: My hairdresser used bobby pins and hair pins to put my hair up, because I didn't want her to use hair products at all, because a) it's difficult to get all of the product out of the dreads, and b) she said it was no problem to only use pins.

She used 60 of them, and they held the whole damn night. When I got home I took them out, all 60 of them (I honestly thought I'd still be finding them hidden in my dreads well into next week) and my dreads felt and looked tighter. I loved it. Then I got them wet in the shower, and the tightness went away a little. Do any of you guys sleep with your hair in a tight bun or have any other tightening methods that don't involve palm-rolling, sprays, or product? I know some wear beanies or tams to tighten, but I have neither of the two. I put my hair in a tight bun last night before bed and they felt a little tighter this morning when I took them out.
Any takers?

Thanks in advance, you guys are all so colorful and wonderful with your dreadness... :D
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"Weeh !!"said the cow, and then it died...

Haah... :)

*gives her dreads a cookie for being so lovely today*

I LOVE the days when my dreadies are happy..eh...nappy ^-^

Ooh, I have this friend, Hans, who goes to the same school as me, and we had a funny 'Hi dreadies' moment today ^-^

Me and Saartje went outside, whilst Hans just came inside. As he passes us, I noticed in the corner of my eye that he was looking at my hair. Just as I let go of the door, I look behind me, and see him pointing + looking at my dreadies :)
It looked like he was saying : "They look nice today" So I just waved and put my thumb up ^-^

This is what I like about our little 'when dreadhead meets dreadhead' moments :) They just show how nice the whole dread experience is, and how you are reminded of the fact that you share it with lots of other dreadheads ^-^

There's also a little guy at my school who just got his dreads like...a month ago. Everytime I see him, I feel like going up to him and show him how to do this or how to do that :) I think he puts lots of gel in his hair 'coz his dreads always look so...twisted and 'gelled' :P It would be nice to share the things that I know about dreadlocks with him, it might help him to get some wicked looking dreadies :) If I knew what I know now, I'm sure my locks would look faaar better than they do now.

next time I see the little dude, I'll go up to him and ask him if he'd like me to work on his dreadies a bit :)
and next times I see Hans, I'll tell him his dreadies look great ^-^ (forgot to tell him that when we saw each other in the hallway :P)

Thanks for listening to my daily crap ^-^
I'll leave you all to your hair now :)

*hands out some fruity shampoo*

Greetings, Hillibo :)
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I have an unprecedented and rather ridiculous medical bill to pay. In the spirit of trying not to completely freak OUT, I've decided to use my ultra-craftiness and put it to use!

I'm making and selling dread beads.

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on US tour with the schande...

so i'm headed out again for roadie duties. this time, with my roommates' band called the schande. i'd say they're pretty tight indie rockin' indie rock, that doesn't contain the suck. fans of pixies, sleater kinney, or superchunk wouldn't be disappointed. also fans of fun, fist pumpin', booty shakin', or hair shaggin' would not be let down either :). they don't have a website up yet, so sorry i can't point you to any mp3s :(. please come out support a small band on tour, have some fun, and hang out with ME :). we can make peanut butter sandwiches and take dread pics for our lj. haha.

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hope to see you out at the shows!! <3

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how do dreads hold up against mudd wrestling? and i mean full-on drenched with mudd? i'm planning a tournament for this weekend and i would very much so like to participate.
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Me with pink highlights

TORONTO dreadies

so there seems to be quite a big bunch from toronto on here.

i was wondering how many would be interested in a meet up??

i think that would be fun, so im just gathering numbers to see how many people would actually go.