April 27th, 2004


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a present for my favorite dreadheads. i just moved into a new apartment downtown (I LOVE IT!) and so of course i went on a camera spree. here we have pictures of me looking thoughtfully out the window into the night... and i loved the way my dreads looked.

i love my dreads more every day <3
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get up dread up meet up. hehe. i wish i could go to the one you guys are doing in toronto. but i live near philly. any philly kids here, other than sally and me? maybe we can go out to vegan chinese or something! mmmmm.... kingdom... how i miss ye.

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Helloooo my little dreadios !! :D ~> that actually sounds like cereal :)

*has a magnificent idea*

OOH !! We should have our own cereal !! :D "Dreadios, now THAT'S the shit" :P

OOH !! We could even have a little contest in here to see which one of us can be on the box !! :D

Eh...what was I writing again ? Oh yeah ! :)

So, today I saw the little dreaded dude of which I talked about a few posts ago, and it was SO funny ^-^
We (my friend Karolien and me) had just finished our lunch and we stood up from our seats. We were walking to the other end of the cafeteria, when I saw him :)
I know he likes Hans' and my dreads, 'coz he always stares at our hair :P
I saw him staring again, so I walked up to him and said

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ok. so there will be a meet up in philly! middle of may? any specific days that arent good? any day after the 6th is good for me. how exciting. woooo. and if anyone is north of allentown. if youd like to meet me in allentown and leave your car at my house ill drive you to philly. itll be fun.
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good evening all.

i have a question about energy being trapped in my dreads. i feel like i want to bathe my dreads of bad energy. i feel like they need to be refreshed with good vibes. i've just been feeling kind of down lately and i don't want the bad energy to exit through my head and get trapped in my dreads. that's what i feel like is happening. does anyone know what i'm talking about? does anyone have any advice?

thank you so much

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ok! for everyone interested in the meet up in philly. how is may 15th?? its a saturday. and what else do you guys wanna do other than go to kingdom (the vegan chinese resteraunt)? haha. i dont know much about philly other than where the shows are. any ideas?

edit! i have an idea. i went to this message board gathering one time and we had a mix tape trade! it was soo awesome. how about we do that too. yeaaaa.