April 28th, 2004

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Charcoal drawing

Here is an 18" x 24" charcoal drawing I've finished today:

(Nudity behind the link)

Click on the image to see a high resolution image.

This is a drawing of a woman who lives only 7 blocks away from me. I might add to the contrast of her hair, but it's not easy to show blond hair in a black and white drawing.. and the lower legs seem to be needing more smoothing.

More of my drawings can be seen here:

redhead dreadhead

So I finally got around to dreading my hair up - they're nearly a week old now. I'm just wondering how other people have done the rubber bands on their tips. I'll be spending some time in a kayak (tomorrow night, and usually once a week or so), so they'll probably get soaking wet, so I definitely need to tie up the ends somehow. Just wondered how other people have done it - just an inch from the end like for plaits? Or do you fold/scrunch the tip up first? I've tried a method I saw on the dreadhead site, using two rubber bands, but I couldn't get it to work - can anyone help? :)

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Kh Kh...mmmmm...
excusy me, but I`ve got very stupid question:
how d`u do ur dreadlocks? I heard bout many ways of doing "da mess on ur head" but I don`t know which one to choose...


i know a lot of you kids are from toronto area, or ontario at least...
are any of you planning on going to om festival this year?
i am most definitely, i'm so excited. a lot of my friends have been, but due to extenuating circumstances this year will be my first. perhaps i'll meet you there :)
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ok! philly meet up. theres a change. sorry. the 15th is no good. sally and i were planning this, and she cant be there on the 15th, she'll be on the road on her way to philly. and i know that one of you have something on the 23rd. im really sorry. but were gonna make it that day. but! if this goes well, there will be another one, and you can come to that. ok. thats it. its definately gonna be on the 23rd. its a month away. so mark your calendars! ill remind everyone when it gets closer.

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Every one listen here

Ok well   today i was in wood shop

at school worken on my seaturtle coffe table

and well my techer told me to go grab a bar of soap out of his desk  so the screws slide in better right

 well afterwords i desided to wash my hands with this soap where i found out that it has no resadue what so ever  so i stole and brought it home to wash my hair with

danm is that some good shit

Everyone its called  white soap

and im almost postive that stuff is cheap as hell cause my school is poor as shit

so yea

well im out and i hope this helps some one elce