May 2nd, 2004



Hey~ I've been interested in getting dreds for awhile and I was refered to this group by kittypoop I don't want to ask any questions that have already been answered, but at the same time I don't have time at the moment to scroll through all the past messages. Mainly, I want to know how to put them in, where to get synthetic hair, how you take them out... without having to cut out your hair.. stuff like that. <3 kennedy
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Hey, I've been thinking about getting dreads for a while now. I've checked out sites like knotty boy and everything, but I don't have the money or a credit card, so I won't be able to order the wax online, and my parents aren't going to order them for me, so I've been thinking about doing backcombing.
I did about three, and they looked okay, but in some places they were all bunched up and in some places there was barely any hair. They were really uneven.
So, I was wondering if ya'll could help me.
Tell me what you know about backcombing, or if you could give me any info to convince my parents to let me order something online, I'd love you.
And I'm 15, in case anyone was wondering. And white, and a girl.

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Hrm. As far as I can tell, many people on this site say that elastics at the roots are great for dreading up that i-2 inches that never wants to dread.

The Knotty Boy site, however, says "in the end, that is NOT really going to help your dread tips or roots come together" and that using elastics is a bad idea because it constricts the movement of the hair.

I'm inclined to trust the testimonies of you guys but... still, I'm confused. This is the first I've heard of elastics being a no-no. Even DreadHeadHQ suggests using them, if I remember corretly.

Any advice?

Edit: I also just read that braiding a section of hair once or twice right at the scalp before backcombing is a good way to keep roots tight. News to me. Anyone have an opinion on that, or has anyone out there tried it?
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finally got a digital camera!

Well, I finally have a digital camera so I can post pics! My dreads are around 4 1/2 months old. Somewhat in need of some sewing, but they seem to be doing fine on their own so far. So, I'll say to you what I said to my friends when they were backcombing...Collapse )
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i just got back from ecuador today, where i got 5 dreads in the back of my head...i wanted to get my whole head dreaded this summer, but i just wanted to see how i liked them and shit first of all...

anyway, i thought i knew what i was doing but apparently not? i got them maybe on tuesday i think...they are ok but i dont really know what to do and they are pretty small and i would like to make them bigger. my hair is curly/wavy and about ass length..and they are like curling up at the ends

so...what the fuck should i do or use to help them out? and how the fuck do you wash them? dsfsjf