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[05 May 2004|02:03am]
Alright.. just got dreads done from a pro. Now.. here's the situation...
I placed an order for knotty boy wax.

It's going to take about 10-3weeks#$#@$%#@ for it to get to me.

I need a stand in for that time period that I'm not going to hae that product.

Any suggestions.. I'm not looking for something weird like.. fruit/honey/toothpaste/weird shit.

My last option is going to be beeswax.. is there anything else that I could pick up that's all natural.. or maybe that's even not all natural.. just something that's not going to rot my hair/make it smell rotten, or something that's going to look poopie. Thanks.
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[05 May 2004|12:09pm]
so i was drunken swing dancing the other night and i got dropped and i fell flat on my back, got a really really mild concussion, loads of fun. but i went to the dr and they were like "your shoulders hurt more than your head, you probably tensed up and that helped save your head, and if you were wearing a ponytail and that hit, it helped absorb a little bit of the blow"

yeah, it was probably mostly my shoulders, but hey! my dreads helped my brain have less of a bruise! i heart you, dreads!
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roteZora's liste [05 May 2004|08:20pm]
ich suche eigentlich nur eins.
-franz ferdinand.
hat das jemand?

hier die liste. klickCollapse )
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