May 6th, 2004

First Post in Herrrrrrrrr

I have dreads, and I'm new, my friend Geo introduced me to this community while I was looking for dread-pirates yadda yadda I got lots to say..... but firstly, I wanted to show y'all a picture of my loovley dreadies, except the problem at hand is that all of my photos are too big to post, how do I shrink them down to 40kb for your viewing pleasure? Thank you. Your input would be greatly appreciated in this matter.
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(no subject)

I'm new here.
I've had dreads for 3 months,
and now I dont have them anymore beacuase they were irritating me :/
Maybe I'll take new ones, but I'm still not sure about it..
(Maybe I'm going to take fake ones, but that isn't as nice as real.)

I'm not that good in english,
but I'm going to try.
Please tell me when I do something wrong,
I only learn from that :P

one month!

My dreads are one month old yesterday! :D

they are a lot tighter than they were a month ago, so i guess i'm doing something right!

And just to make their anniversary better i got my first "nod of approval" from a dreaded stranger yesterday aswell, felt amazing!(btw i'm from Scotland, where there is an extreme lack of dreaded heads! i only know one other person)

matt xxx
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Since I will be super busy tomorrow I want to post to say that my hair will be 3 months tomorrow.

I'm surprised that they have lasted this long.
Without my mom chopping them off in the middle of the night.

Also, I recently bought Knotty Boy Dread'Poo and it clears my scalp really well, but then after about an hour my flakes come back. Is it really really gross to see people with dreads who have a lot of dandruff?

All of you are beautiful.
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Here We GO

I think I got the picture thang to work, but it's so teeny. Ah, well, I'll get it eventually. Thanks guys for responding so helpfully, I used photobucket.
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Hi, im sort of new here. Im just rejoining with my new LJ, my old one is dimmuborgir6960. Well..not much else to say. But heres a pic at 11 months, taken at my bands first concert about 2 weeks ago.

Im not putting this under a cut cause its pretty small.


(no subject)

following up a post made earlier i have a question for you sunshine flower children.
what is the weirdest thing you've been told you dreads smell like?

mine is baked potatoes...
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veg*n dreadies?

just out of curiosity (and apologies if this has been asked a million times before or is inappropriate to ask)... how many of us are veg*ns?

i've been vegetarian for 17 years and vegan for 9 (i'm 31). anyone else?

RANDOMNESS!!!!! Smelly dread-water ^________^

My dreadies are 2 months old. I wash them every week, but I have noticed something. All the smells I've been near in the week come out in the shower!!!! The water that goes down the plug smells! So I decided to record the smells.

My boyfriend (he has his own smell.... Heheh)

Lol i know it's really weird but I was wondering does this happen to anyone else or am I crazy??? xD

Ro xxx
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My Introduction

It's about time that I come out of the shadows I've been lurking in since I began watching this community in December.

My name's Ken.

My dreads are eight days short of three months old. They were backcombed by my lovely girlfriend Regina(I'll make her post some pictures of her dreads soon) and I waxed only twice before deciding that I disliked the feel of wax in my dreads. I've been using nothing but Knotty Boy's knotting gel and shampoo along with sea salt once in a while ever since.

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