May 7th, 2004

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Hi, new here, my name is Julia and I'm from Ontario, Canada. My dreadlocks are only a couple of weeks old, but I've had them before, about three years ago. Since then I've been battling trichotillomania (pulling out ones hair), but I still wanted to give dreads another go. I've pretty much overcome it, but there is still a large patch of short hair on the back of my head that I can't dread yet. SO, I have to wear my locks up all the time, which is okay with me. I know this isn't the best picture, but it gives you an idea of what the rest of my head looks like.


I was stopped in the street today in a local "small town" and expected the worst. (The usual "Get a job" or "you need to wash your hair," etc.)

Fortunately, the guy just wanted to give me compliments about my hair and how he could cultivate locks.

Of course, I pointed him in this direction.

And I even got to demonstrate the "rip and twist" method: I put one in as we were talking! (He had curly elbow-length hair just primed for locking)

Bless. We are growing in force and number!!! :)
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dreadlock "culture" and effects on self

my father once asked me something like "if dreadlocks are a uniform for rebellion, then why wear that uniform?" I agree that if your reaction to popular culture is predictable and part of an equally trendy movement, then it's not poinient. However, if you only look at things that simply you must have dull interactions with people. So my counter-argument was that if an alternative exists, it should atleast have equal weighting in value. So if that is the case, and i truly like dreadlocks, the way they look and feel, it would be improper for me to choose straight hair.

On another note, I think dreadlocks amp your current feelings, the real ones that you may or may not want to see come out. I remember how much i ignored being depressed, and that was a bad period of life, but i wouldn't recognize it until it was too late. I grew away from that before i dreaded my hair, but currently dreadlocks make it easier to be aware, why am i feeling so down, im not even down? and then you realize there must be something you aren't currently dealing with. Thats my take on it. They soak up the general more long term effects of emotion with little regard for mood and feelings that cloud inner vision.
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my opinions, be free to smash me

i cant stand the ideas of temporary locks
it makes me sad
how do you feel about it

i was looking througha girlie magazine a year ago and it had a girl with "dreadlocks" but they were just some twists, and it said how to make temporary dreadlocks and it had all these expensive crap and it was for one night, it was complete bullshit that it was funny. it was in like teen magazine, its so dumb , bros locks arent a style they are something to grow with. they should represent commitment, i mean i already feel like i disrespect some true rastas cuz i am white with not completley natural locks, so i have an awareness of some of their opinions on whites with locks but i feel like its crapping on culture when kids liek that say they have dreadlocks and comb them out after two days
i dont even call my hair dreadlocks
do you?
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Hello :)

I dreaded my hair yesterday and now it looks like a wild bunch of fuzzyness! Well. It's so happy and bouncy and dreaded andandandand. It looks a bit like the girl in this picture: She's called floddertje and I'm madly in love with her (and my) hair. I will post pictures soon, when I think I'm ready to show the world my new love.

O. And I'm sorry if I'm using really baddd english. It's not my fault. It's the schoolsystem :D
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i had heard lots about sewing up your dreads... but never tried it until just the other day.


my roots dread up, but get flat and stuff, the sewing helped so much. you cant even tell its there... i have new hope for my stupid roots. really large needles to sew in the loose hairs too... yeah 8|

anyway. they are 9 months old... i dont have any pictures right now. i'm lazy. boo to me.
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