May 8th, 2004

Just because they make me laugh.....

It occurred to me that I've been a member for ages and I've yet to post any pictures of my dreads, so here are some pictures from last weekend -

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While I'm on the subject, I got loads of lovely little dready people come up to me while I was out and asking for dread tips, so I advised them all to come here. I wonder if any made it.....
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Pointless post...

When I first got my dreads, I used to wash 'em every 1.5 month, then it was every month, then every 3 weeks, now it's every week. I'm kinda looking forward to the day that I'll be able to wash my hair every 3 days, without having to worry about any loose hairs, etc...
After I wash them, I love seeing the difference between them now and a year ago :)

I can feel them grow tighter, thicker and longer almost every week. (this is kinda good 'coz I've been really lazy lately so I haven't quite worked on them for a while :S I guess what they say is true : just leave them alone, let them do their own thing :) They can take care of themselves :) I even have dreads that have their own little curb in them ^-^ Which I find cute btw :) )

I love my dreadies <3

~ Huggels to this wonderful community and its wonderful people ~ ^-^
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Mehehe :)

Ok ok, I know, I've already posted once in here today, but....ehm....shaddap :P

Before you click this thingy you should know this : webcams do NOT have good graphic quality....stuff :) Or maybe it was just my face that messed this all up :P

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Waves, Hey. Ive recently was able to sway my parents into getting dreads the only problem is they said only like two grrr. Reasone being they said grams would dislike, dirty, all the typical reasones. Do you guys think it would looked messed up if I had one near the middle front and middle back of my hair? Also I have layers some are a little short and should I wait till my hair has grown to all one length?
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