May 10th, 2004

Mwhuhahaha =)

I kinda noticed something funny yesterday :)

I washed my hair last Saturday (as usual) and worked on them yesterday (that would be Sunday :P) because they were extremely FLUFFY ! 0.0

I decided to make a lot of my tips round with the sewing method 'coz I was getting kinda sick and tired of having to work on those b*tches every friggin' single time >__>
No worries though, I left some of my dreads' tips alone :) After a whole evening of sore arms, punctured thumbs (I was using a needle damnit !!), and a head that was glowing (clockwise rubbing method) - insert moving Star Wars sabre sound here - ~~> that was how it felt like :P eh...where was I ? :)
So ANYWAY *tries to be on topic again*, after all that work, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and EEK !! (first reaction when seeing own face) it was just like I cut about an inch or so of my dreads !! SO weird 0.o

I like how clean they feel now, the fact that they're a bit shorter makes that feeling even stronger :) I can't wait for them to grow again so I more happier and I've ever been ^-^

*hops her way out of her*

Yaaay !!

You :D - insert schoolgirl airhead voice here -

Helllo's and goodbyes to my fav community ^-^
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(no subject)

i need as many prom syles and one can think of for the dreaddies
everyone put ina piece of mind\might as well. for i work at a facist flowershop from hell.

thanks you
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ok well im wanting to get dreads. umm im white and its fairly straight. two things 1)I was planing on backcombing and was wondering what this rip and twist method was? and 2) what are some good things to know to start out dreads. how to make them look nice right away.

oh and ive seen various people with dreads and the dreads look cool but up by the roots they have a ton of loose hair. is this becuse they are lazy or do white people just have that problem?


okay thnk you guys for the advice but i have come to the conclusion that im not gonna wash my dreadies for a month. maybe that will help them out and yesterday i plam rolled them which helped alot. but im gonna try some wax and that stuff with the sea salt? well yea that sounds good, i hope i last for a month i get a bad case of dry scalp =( but im gonna try for as long as i can. well thank you once again.
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(no subject)

ello people, i've come to the conclusion that if my dreadies don't improve in the next two months then i'm hacking the little buggers off. I've had them for around a year, a few are all nice and tight, but my god...far too much the point i cant wear even a black t-shirt anymore...i've tried everything..soap, tea tree, anti dandruff shampoo and it's driving me crazy.....

i miss playing with my hair, dying it but to be honest the amount of stick and grief i've hadfrom dreads really doesnt seem the point..... will someone give me some good advice please?

i've tried the rip + twist method (made my hair go looser)
no wax + wax
leaving it a while without washing
sewing method...arg........
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(no subject)

Ok, this might sound weird but : has anyone of you ever found something REALLY weird in your dreads ??

I did once, it was about a year ago, back when I was still a daily user of wax (forgive me)...

I just waxed my hair, they smelled really fruity and were kinda disgustingly sticky :S So, I just waxed them, and because it was such lovely weather, I decided to go for a walk in our garden. Five minutes later, I came back inside, when all of the sudden I heard this buzzing..... Turns out that a FLY was stuck in my dreads !! It must've smelled the fruity wax and went right in my personal sticky deathtrap of DOOM :P
I kinda freaked out so I hit my dreads a couple of times untill the fly was free again :) (I'm no murderer :P)

So, what's your story ? :)
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(no subject)

hey. everyone going to the philly meetup! i just saw a calendar today and saw that the 23rd is a sunday. i thought it was a saturday. my calendar at school must not be right. do you wanna keep our thing for the 23rd or make it the 22nd. or am i wrong. and is the 23rd really a saturday? i was so confused.