May 13th, 2004



Why are you all so freaking cool????????

you guys should all move to Boston and live with me and i could keep you in my pocket and take you out and show you to people...ok getting a lil creepy, ill admit it

anyway, i had dreadies for 6 months but took them out because for some reason they werent locking. i tried to do them myself and apparently really sucked at it. so im going to get a dread perm. Good idea or am i a total sell-out?
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hello. i do not yet have dreads (i want to make sure i get all the info i can first so that i don't mess it up), but i really want to sometime soon. i've looked at various webpages/websites for information, and look here as well. i was wondering what the best kind of dreadwax to use is (not online)?
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my hair is still a bit to short to start my dreadie adventure. but i still enjoy making raps. and evey time i don't wash my hair for a few days i can feel the thickness trying to get all tangly underneath and i get all excited. my hair just needs to get like 3405983245-08 times longer!!!!
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i formed my dreads by backcombing/palm rolling about 3 months ago. some of the hair locked up, some still isnt, so i've just decided to leave 'em alone + let them do their thing. the problem is that there are two huge clumps kinda on the back of my head on the under layers of hair that have formed from a bunch of dreads growing together. i like the bigness, but is there any way i can split the clumps in two so that they're not so big? it feels awkward to have these huge things on my head, i was kind of going for a bit smaller. any suggestions would be great. thanks. :D
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when these were taken and i took a good look at them. christ! they dont even look like dreads :| even though they are locked fairly well. maybe it was the light.

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9 months. hm. dont know. :|
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also, sometimes i feel like i want to take them out and start over. b/c they looked SO much better when i first put them in. is it normal for them to start out looking nice when you first backcomb them and then for them to get messy once you start washing? will they improve? i love dreads and would hate to have to start them over after all i have put into them, but sometimes starting over sounds very appealing.

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I've a question for y'all
I haven't washed my dreads for a year now
but I don't think it's normal :P

but they look so good now, and I don't want to mess things up.
but are your dreads going to be fluffy and soft again if you wash them?

how often do you guys wash your dreads?