May 15th, 2004


Well, I just got my internet turned on again after being dormant for a semester so I'm spending the day catching up on my old haunts. I always liked this site and I love it when people put up pics here. I know I don't frequent this site often anymore but I've gained a few inches in dreadlength and felt like putting up some pics for ol' time sake. I colored them a few months ago too. Thanks! Ciao.

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hey kittens, i have a slight problem, which could become progressivly worse.

ive had my dreadies for about 21 months or so, and ive become quite partial to them, as it were. i was at my friend's house the other day/night and only the next morning did i find out that her 5-year-old brother had had LICE the previous day! ive asked both my mom and my dad to check my hair for it, but nobody knows what to look for :C so i was thinking maybe someone here does. i dont really think i have it, cos they claim to have cleaned the whole house, but ive never come in contact with lice before, and ive always been quite careful about it with my dreads. i like them clean :D. so now i dont know if im itching because of something psychological or if i have lice. i dont really think i do, but maybe someone could tell me what they look like and ways to get rid of them in the early stage of getting them without cutting them off. much thanks :DDD

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One last question before I take a shower + wash those locks of mine :

do you think it'll be ok if I just dip my dreads in a bowl of water + some lemon juice and then squeeze it out ? I actually don't even know what kind of effect this lemon juice will have on my dreadies...

Some help please ? :(
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Ooh !! I just finished dipping my dreads in the lemon juice water and they're already looking shiny !! :D

I wonder what'll happen to them after I blowdry my hair ? :P
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Soviet LJ

On Beads

is there any real advantage to beads, except that they are nice & sparkly ?

do they help the lock, or anything like that?

(i was thinking of beadin'-up some loops)