May 16th, 2004

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ok! our philly meet up is in ONE WEEK! its this upcoming sunday. and i just checked and saw that the art museuem that i wanted to go to isnt open on sundays. sooo.

ok i asked my friend and she said that clarks park is really nice. so we can go there. and theres a book store called the wooden shoe. it has music, books, zines. all kindsa stuff. how does that sound? maybe we can meet outside the wooden shoe at... 5? then go to eat. then hang out at the park if its nice out. the wooden shoe is pretty easy to find. its a block off of south street. but my friend didnt know if it was on 6th or 4th st. but youll probably end up parking anywhere you can find a spot and walking a while. so you can walk around and look for it. oh its on the north side of south street.

ok! is anyone still coming?? ive found out that two people who i was hoping would be there cant come : ( most likely. sooo. im hoping that atleast one other person comes! and you can bring your non dreaded friends too. i am. incase no one shows up... haha.

Old ladies are poo

I just got back from the shop to get toiletpaper. There were lots of stares and "oh's" (~~> the bad kind of oh's) There even was this old lady who couldn't stop staring at my hair (I was wearing my headband which makes the dreadies go poof ^-^) I went into the same aisle as the old lady (which she found pretty scary btw :P)
And there it was : the last pack of waffles. I was standing closer to it than her so I grabbed it. I saw her staring at it and put it back coz it was the wrong brand anyway (my mum has a weird taste in waffles :)) I thought she'd take the pack now since I put it back but boy, was I wrong.
She looked at it with disgust, as if I contaminated it or something and went straight to the meat department...

Am I THAT disgusting ? :(

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So it seems I have an interesting situation on my hands….we have squirrels, squirrels have BUGS.

I absolutely refuse to not handle these homeless darlings, I loves em to death. I also absolutely refuse to chop off these dreads whom I love so dearly. So, this is what ive got:

Give said squirrels a bath (with what?)
wear my hair up while handling
Try to keep the buggers near me torso
I have this tursa tar stuff from way back…im not sure if these are lice, just bugs. Would this help, and is it advisable?

absolutely any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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Just as a follow up to the question about where everyone goes/is going to college -

Where have you all found to be the most dread friendly environment?

The best I've found so far are Santa Cruz California (where I'm going to school), and Fells Point in Baltimore.
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I was just wondering if anyone had thought about making a forum to go along with this communuty? I think it would make questions a lot easier to address and there would be a lot less mucking about to answer old questions an stuff. It might make stuff a little more specific and grouped so it wouldn't be so jumbled. Just thought I'd throw that out there cuz i got plenty of webspace and hosting all set up for something like that and God knows I've got the time... Good idea? Bad?

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Alright, so I went out of town this weekend to see me relatives [2 of my cousins were graduating from HSchool, and I stayed with my grandpa and his new wife, Betty].
I was sitting there eating Mini Frosted Wheats, and Betty walks up behind me and asked me if I had 'ringlets' in my hair, and if I used paper towels every day or something.
I said "No, no. They're basically just tangles.". and she says "oh, dear. Well, they looked nice from far away."
My grandpa laughed real hard when I said that, because when I was little my grandma used to spend hours combing out my knots that had gathered over the summer.
Oh Nebraska.
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In-focus dreadlocks!

I received a digital camera today as my birthday present, but it's night-time and there's nothing exciting enough around my apartment to warrant picture-taking (even digital picture-taking... how sad). So, since I'm the only living subject within reach, I thought I'd take a few photos of my dreads (and of my dreads in the context of my face).

The dreads are two years old. Sorry for the rather boring photos - I have short little arms which don't allow me to hold the camera far enough away from me, and hell if I can figure out how to make this complicated digital thing work on a self-timer.

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