May 17th, 2004


Good day, all.

I've noticed (along with some of you) that our Get Up Dread Up (GUDU) moderator seems to have abandoned us. I was curious about what happens when the community mod disappears, so I emailed LiveJournal accounts personnel.

And, in response, they transferred this community to me.

Please understand - THIS WAS ENTIRELY UNPRECEDENTED AND NOT AT ALL ASKED FOR. The one and only response from LJ was to the tune of "Oh, no moderator? Well, you emailed, so...YOU'RE IT!" (grin) I'm not certain that I want the responsibility that may come with running a community, and I definitely do not want to see an increase in my internet time (it's summer! time for outdoor things). Also, I'm very wary of offending anyone who has posted here for a long time and feels the torch should be passed to them.

Having said that: No one else took the initiative.

I'm happy with the overall format, but I would be happy to see some changes here, things that I've heard others echo, namely a "memories" or "faq"-type page to offer links and information for starting, washing, and caring for dreads. I think it would also be neat to see some of our members' pictures on the, uh, start page? Where the community description is?

If you are wondering: I've had experience moderating/owning forums in the past, mostly on Delphi. I'm fair and autonomous, pretty laid back about moderating and able to stay behing the scenes.

One thing that is cool about GUDU as an internet entity is that there seem to be a collection of really, truly cool people here. I haven't noticed any fighting, bickering, or general ill-will. And I don't want to create any by having this transfer happen. I want this to generate conversation and ideas.

If you do not want for me to be your mod, I will not *at all* be offended. This is a COMMUNITY, and it's important to me as a member that it stay open, communicative and friendly.

Onto the definable questions:

1. How do you feel about having me as a moderator for this community?
2. What are the items you would like to see changed?
3. What are the items you wish to stay the same?

We'll start here. ;)

FAQs and Memories

The overwhelming response to my questions earlier today is "YES WE NEED AN FAQ or MEMORIES SECTION!"

We now have one. I just need your help populating it.

What are the questions we hear the most? Help me add to this list:

1. How do I start dreads?
2. What is rip and twist?
3. What is backcombing?
4. Can I wash my hair? If so, how and when?
5. Should I use wax?
6. What kind of shampoo should I use?

Your turn. ;)

If you can also include a link (preferrably from GUDU) with your post, that would be great. PLEASE NOTE: Do not include links that are not explanatory. Ex.: Don't link to a photo of someone with rip and twisted dreads - link to directions or how-to's.


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My baby dreads are coming along just fine, but I still need to fix 35 of them. I have 80 total.

our top bedroom</div>

I've been here under different names before. "ranastella" was one, then "imaginaryfish" and then "lindsaymv" and now "ahladita". I'm sticking with this one, so hopefully I won't confuse anyone anymore. I'm the girl who got her dreads professionally done only to discover that the wax was destroying them. I am very slowly removing the wax. To the person who asked me quite a while ago: yes, my icon is Delirium from the Sandman, but I'm using a different one now. :)
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Hello, I've been reading/watching this community for some time now. I figured what then hell I might as well join.
I have dread extensions currently but after these come out I am starting real dreads. I got totally infatuated with them about a year ago, I've always admired dreads though.
I've got tons of pictures here:
if anyone is interested.
Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys.
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cd/product exchange.

for those of you awaiting mix cd's from me.

remember how i said i was sending them on thursday?

well, um.... i meant THIS thursday.


it will be worth it!

ps. when will my stuff arrive?

p.s.s if anyone else would like to trade dread shampoo/tams/hats/ect for some bitchin mix cd's comment here. (also the number of cd's you'll trade the product for)

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The right side of my dreads are growing longer and locking better than the left. If the left grew like the right, I would be so happy with the progress so far.. but the disparity has me really discouraged.

I don't sleep on either side.. my head is straight back, so it's not that..

I'm not sure I can be helped.. but I figured I'd post, anyhow.