May 18th, 2004

Building the Memories and Your Lovely Face

In order to keep this as diplomatic as possible, I am asking that everyone help build the FAQ/Memories section.

I've decided to post a question/topic and link directly to that thread in the memories. This way, everyone who has an opinion can chime in, and there is more than just one point of view being represented. Plus, I don't know about you, but I just don't have the time to scan the archives here for every possible opinion. Sound okay to you?

So the next few posts you see above will be topics - how do i do this, should i buy that kind of questions. If you have an opinion or any advice on that particular method, please post it.

I appreciate your input, and bearing with me through the layout change also.

Speaking of layout changes, I was discussing it briefly with Robotparade, and I like the idea of a collage of GUDU posters on the sidebar of the main page. So if you have a photo of your lovely dreaded self, keep it handy and look for a new thread to be posted shortly.

We're collecting faces, but that's not nearly as gorey as it sounds.

Thanks again!

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meh people have taked me in to keeping my dreads...yay i feel better about them now, but my head still is all blah and itchy=( but not as much=) yea so thanx
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I'm applying to a whole bunch of jobs for the summer, and think my 5 month old dreads might make things a little harder (they're just a tad messy :). They're not quite long enough to pull back into a pony tail (the front ones won't make it). What kinds of bandana/headwraps/interesting-fabric-things could I try? I'm a guy by the way...and I have never known how to tie a bandana. I have a friend who works in a fabric store, so getting a piece of fabric the right size for any job isn't a problem. Anyone have some tips on how to put ze dreads up nicely if they aren't too long? I think maybe mine are like 10" or so.