May 19th, 2004


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Hey Hey Hey folks!!!!

We're preparing the new background for the community and we need your help!! We'd really like to do a collage of all of you!!!!! So if you'd like to be in it comment here with a picture or email:



Okay folks - the FAQ/Memories section is done. At least, it's been started.

Feel free to point out an FAQ that may have been forgotten, or any additional info that you think would be helpful.

I will continue to add to the FAQ whenever a post illicits some new information; if you think that you've posted something that should be placed in the FAQ section that I've missed, feel free to link it and email me for review.

Also, please note the "start page" - if a user posts a question that has already been answered in the FAQ, that post will be deleted. I know, I know, seems harsh - but really, there's no excuse for repetitiveness now. (grin)

You've all been awesome so far, and I thank you mightily!

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hey everyone around philly! before our meetup there will be a kfc protest! thanks to worried_eyes!!! (sorry, i dont know the html to link this! eek). it will be at 1 the day of the meetup at 5th and south street. which is right near the wooden shoe!! how perfect. so if you care to join us for the protest, we'll see you there! and if not. we'll still meet up at the wooden shoe at 5!
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all these dread meet ups makes me wonder how many of us (in the community) are in the midwest area.

i live in iowa right now. iowa city actually has tons of dreaded folks around here. i dont know anyone, heh? because i'm a really shy bastard. but uh yeah...?

midwest anyone?
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just a question, what do ticks do, and how do i get rid of them?

okay, let me elaborate...

my friend found a tick in his beard, and in his hair, i found a funny looking flat bug, which very well could be a tick...but i couldnt remember how many legs it i cant be sure. we were in a woodsy area that day...and sooo how do i get rid of this problem, so that i dont have any doubt that theres a tick near me or my dreads?

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mmm i felt so good today and i just fell back in love with my dreads, i think it's the summer reminding me how awesome i thought they were when i first got them last summer. Collapse )
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