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[20 May 2004|02:28am]
[ mood | good ]

new to the community. so yeah


i'm zak. i'm from new york.

oh and also -

i've had dreads for almost a year now, and they are really tight and pretty well formed, aside form certain parts that poof out on the sides of the dreads. does anyone know what i can do to fix that? i tried rolling and it just comes back in a few days.

be well.

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[20 May 2004|10:25am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ooh, I've seen some people in here who got a cut off dread from a friend, family member or fellow dreadhead and then sewed it into their own hair.

It's like dreadheads 'bonding' on a whole other level ^-^

Heh, I'd love to have someone's dread attached to mine.
I'd go all "Look what happened ! My dread actually grew itself a whole new dread !! :D "

*pokes all of you* ^-^


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[ new ] [20 May 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | calm ]

photographs behind this cutCollapse )

Tarona. 18. Woman. Daughter. Sister. Best friend. Girlfriend. Student. Music. Dance. Art. Cinema. Photography. Literature. Philosophy. Extrovert. Experimental. Discussions. Sexuality. Festivals. Concerts. Dreadlocks. Piercings. Poetry.


The Netherlands.


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[20 May 2004|03:55pm]
im curious, as to how the dreads dread faster if their tied back in a pony tail or if their loose.
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[20 May 2004|04:11pm]
i think this post could be added to the memories

many people have come on here asking how to style their hair.

a good link that provides several different styles and instructions is:

also, if people have any other ideas they could add them here that way there is something about styles for the memories :)
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[20 May 2004|06:06pm]
Hello :) I took this picture of xenofobiq dreads this afternoon, and I was pretty proud of myself because I managed to put a flower in it. I'm not sure what the name of the flower is, in dutch its called a violin. Anyway, I am so proud because I always tell him to cheer up his dreads with beatiful colored beads and twinkly glittery stuff but he thinks thats not tough or cool or something. Anyway.

Isn't it cute?
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[20 May 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]

what would karl marx look like, if he had dreads? i think so:

Karl Marx mit Dreads

fuck off lj cuts!

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