May 22nd, 2004


starting dreads

Hi, I've been thinking about getting dreads for some time now - usually go through phases - and was wondering if anyone went through the same debating/will I or won't I process? I've been growing my hair out for about 21 months, so it's past my shoulders and quite wavy. The worry I have is if I don't like them I'll have to cut them off and go back to having short hair - which would be upsetting...
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ok. tomorrow is the philly meetup! now dont forget!

if you wanna come to the kfc protest. meet outside of kfc on 5th and south st. at 1.

if you dont...

meet us at the wooden shoe at 5, its a block north of south street on ethier 4th or 6th st.

if you want my cell # just incase. message me at ammirami favore

see all (3, haha) of you there!

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im thinking of re-piercing my nose, my hole is very much still there it just needs
a little re-opening.

and im always debating about dreading my hair again (for the 4th time!)

any insights to these important questions(ha!) are welcome ..
new me

newbie dreads

Hello.. am new ^ _ ^

I'm Gem (UK) and I've had my "dreads" for about 5 hours. I put that in quotes as I used the old Knotty Boy technique so they're not real dreads yet but yeah heres a pic. I'll probably be back with a million questions (yup, I've read the FAQ thing). My hair was about chin length and layered. I think my hair kinda looks like Sideshow Bob but I'm loving my new look anyway. Can't wait for them to grow and dread properly.

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