May 23rd, 2004



i am in the process of taking out my dreads =( . and than im gonna get them again before school starts, but it is not too bad though my dreads were not that tihgt anyways=/ but still im gonna miss them for awhile...oh but i WILL get them back.
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i had my last day of highschool on friday. (THANK. GOD.) and i stayed to talk to a teacher afterschool. a former student stopped by and my teacher introduced me to her by telling her my name and the college i'm planning on attending, university of california at santa cruz. (keep in mind, i live in north carolina, where there are no people with understanding of my hair and no one ever leaves the state for college.) the girl sighs and says she loves california, glances at my hair, and says "yeah, you'll like it, but i think you'd like van couver better. you seem like a van couver person." now.. she had to have been talking about my hair, because i was wearing jeans and a plain green t-shirt. either van couver is dread city or a group of enthusiasts who like green. but i think its the first one..

someone, what kind of place is van couver? does anyone live around there? i'm interested now!

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after 2 weeks of no brushing/washing i got my verry first dread. it was verry exciting. last night my friends put a bead in it to top it all off. its loose but ya know these things dont happen over night, it takes awile.
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muuust fiiind something to dooooooo

photo by: pierre
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