May 24th, 2004

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p.s. to the mod:
the purpley/blue doesn't look very nice =/ but that's just my opinion, can't please everyone
and also maybe some interests? at least dreads, dreadlocks, etc..
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I just wanted to say that I feel so sad because Incubus performed yesterday and I didn't get to go :S

Anyway. Always looking for fellow dreadheads to talk to

AIM: shdwtrcks


So the "interests" were erased. It was pointed out that they were more of the interests of the old mod, not necessarily the community, and I agreed.

We need new interests.

If everyone can post TWO of their interests in a comment below, I will compile them and add to the new interest list. If someone already mentions yours, no need to duplicate - just pick something else. :)

The obvious will be added automatically: Dreads, dreadlocks, hairlocks, knotty hair, etc.

'Zat cool?


Yes, yes, the background is ugly. It's temporary. Bear with us.

I believe Robotparade (out of the kindness of her heart) is still collecting photos of community members for our NEW background - hurry hurry before she is done! If you have not already and would like to add a photo, click this link:

You can post a comment or send an email. DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, MAY 28.

It's exciting. AREN'T YOU EXCITED?! You will be when you see the new background!

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has anyone here used a "dread" accelerator? i was looking online at products for locks and i found this. i was just curious to see if anyone here has had any experience with it or something like it.
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wow - okay, i never knew what clockwise rubbing was before, even when people tried to explain it. but the picture on this page of dreadheadhq totally cleared it up. so for anyone else who is confused by that, check that out.

(i did it for like 5 seconds and my roots locked up like THAT.)
how happy is the blameless vestal's lot

Dreading methods

Hey, my brother was telling me that in Poland people do their dreads with crochet hooks (?!) and they come out super tight and nice. Anyone know about this? My friend is dreading my hair when he gets back from Oregon on Friday(my brother won'tr be back from Poland til July, and I won't see him for 6 more months anbyway), so I need some input...because it sounds really weird.
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So here's my 10-day old dreddies...I got a dread perm like y'all said and am very pleased! They are still curly, but that should go away soon. They also get very thin about half way down. Do you guys think they will stay that way or will they get nice and full like all of yours???

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