May 27th, 2004


just so that i have a reason to be posting these pictures, i'm going to jump on the dread birthday bandwagon and say that today it has been approximately one year since i brushed my hair. yahoo!

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all good things have to end...

well, I had my dreads for half a year now and they started falling apart and looking quite bad. So I decided I need to take them off, and dread my hair again in a few months.

the question is, can I take them apart without cutting all my hair? I managed to take some apart, but can I take ALL of them apart?

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Today my dreadlocks are 6 months and 4 days old. I took a picture.

I cannot wait till they're longer!

Before I forget, did anyone here read the book 'One Hundred Years Of Solitude' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? I want to get my own copy. It's been said to be a very impressive magic mindblowing book.

Let me know.

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Outty 5.


All right Iasked this before and no one realy helped me. I check the faq and I couldnt get the answer. So im goin to ask again Iwant to start my dreads again. but I want them to do it by themselves not twisting and ripping no backcombing. nothing. I have curly hair as in if i let it grow 3" plus it will fro out so. about how longdo you think it would take to start seeing the process begin ? and i dont meen full on locked dreads I meen as in them start to.

update and photos

I'm always lurking around in here and commenting but I never seem to post so two days ago I made

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about how much I love my dreadies right now, and I promsied to post pictures. So today I went and had a minature photoshoot by myself in my backyard aided by my tripod and abnormally long arms! :) I can't believe its been... oh ten months or so now! Sometimes (most of the time) I feel like I've had dreads forever and the rest of the time I feel like it was only yesterday that I started them!

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And just so you can compare...
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I'm so ugly thats okay cause so are you....

wow im soo proud of myself i've been a member of this community for a while now, but i couldn't quite figure out how to post in it *wow im a retard* but i figured it out so here i am posting... So what up my fellow dreadies? I guess i should post a picture too huh, well theese are from like 3 months after i got my dreads in december, and once i get batteries for my digi cam i will post my pink dreadies ummm well here they are :) *if someone could tell me how to do those cuts that'd be just grand*
well thats me so... peace out
*~*Casey Face*~*

(ohh is anyone going to the clearwater fest??)
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the strangest thing happened.

i've been crushing hardcore on this girl who goes to the same open mic as i do.

she has beautiful blonde dreadlocks.

and i wrote her a note telling her she was beautiful and made her a mix cd.

she wrote back and said:
"i'm a christian and believe in male-female relationships only"

ok, i don't mean to sterotype, but since when do dreadheads who listen to bjork and raidohead take the bible so literally, let alone believe in the bible?

it was just a strange strange night.
at first it was really hurtful and then i was just like "that was really weird"
one the other hand i do understand that in the rasta religion the bible is taken pretty literally. but... she wasn't rasta.

i know this isn't fair of me, but i was pissed that she had dreads.

i dont' even know who to hit on anymore!

una pregunta

does anyone know what the deal is with bleaching/dying dreads?

is that something i should have thought of before dreading my hair, or am i cool to do it now?

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it sure hase been an interesting week in the GUDU community...
rather glad i missed that slight unpleasantness...some people...
on to happiness
sand and salt and sun treatments at the beach everyday are making my hair feel more beautiful and tighter every day...maybe even every hour
beaching rules...
i wish my body was feeling as much beautification as my seems a little subdued...
and i thought everyone liked to be tan...
oh well...
its a wonderful contrast to when i imagine myself on the beach FUCKING HUGE AND HAIRY, DREADED and a whole bunch of tiny girls and crew cut boys wearing 30 dollar bikini's
silly is all
i say
dead zone johnny & sarah

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Oook. So I keep seeing people worrying about thier roots locking up and people say don't worry about it, time will fix it. However, I am having the opposite problem. My roots have knotted up insanely, and now I am facing a huge problem. ALL my dreads are growing together. The best way I can describe it is that the dreads are like fingers and the little webbing between them, they are growing together like the webbing, slowly moving there way farther and farther down, until at somepoint I will just have one GIANT massive dread in the back of my head. Ack.

So, my question is this. Is there a way to seperate them without cutting the hair? Or, if I do have to cut them at this point (which I am pretty sure I have to) do I just cut them between each dread (like where the "webbing" is) and then palm roll like crazy to get all the short hair ends into the respective dreads?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. :)

In one other note. I was scared that my hair would be a problem at my summer job (I work at an amusement park and they always stress people having "traditional" hair styles (like no blue or green hair and such) so I wasn't sure if they would make me comb them out. However, no one has said anything so I appear to be home free. :) 5 months and going strong! :D I haven't posted pictures here yet but I shall soon. :)
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