May 28th, 2004

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so i had dreads last year...for a few months...COMBED them out for mothers day...shaved my head the next day...kept a trim cut til around november..started growing my hair out again and today i went to walmart bought a dog flea comb two large sewing needles and castaway...i sat on the couch watched tom hanks movies all day and dreaded my hair back up
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i went all natural no waxes, a little bit of back combing once my hands got tired...around hour 10....but it was mainly knotting...palmrolling...tearing apart...rinse and repeat...minus the rinsing of course...ill keep them dry for about three weeks then take out the old stick and go surfing and ill be ready for the good times....this is the way i did it last year and i was loving the turn out


post.script. - ask away if you have any questions
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So this is completely random, but I was just wondering if everyone here smokes pot? I have nothing against it, but have yet to meet any other dreadheads, besides me, who don't...?
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  • alors

peace out

I can't be part of this community anymore.

My last post was not about me thinking all dreadheads are queer. i didn't say that AT ALL. i was simply stating that i associate dreadheads with openmindedness and nonconformity. of course dreads mean different things to different people. that is what they meant to ME.

for those of you who think you are openminded, but are in actuality homophobic i don't have respect for that. to me homophobia is the same as racism. would you react differently if I were black and that was the reason she condemned me? the bible has been used in favor of slavery and against women, and the trend is continuing with gays. this wasn't about the fact that she wasn't interested in me, it was about the fact that throughout my life, the people that have hurt me the most have been the people who think they are doing it in the name of "christian love" i'm a spriritual person; this isn't about me being anti-religion. this is about homophobia and how it is defined in my eyes as a lesbian woman.

i think some of you misunderstood my post and thought that i associated dreads with gayness. i wasn't saying that at all.

to those of who understood me, and who i have corressponded with through this community feel free to add me. it's too bad, because this was one of my favorite communities, but even if it's online, i can't surround myself with people who don't have respect for who i am.

peace out all.
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Ze banning

I am wildly unpopular in this community recently, so I may as well continue the trend.

Malfunctionzero was banned from this community due to a complete lack of respect and overall inflammatory manner. Reference the last two posts from alors if you have been lucky enough to avoid them thus far. I am not asking for your opinion as to whether you agree with my decision or not - I have done my best to include everyone in this community with most decisions thus far, but when it regards matters of intolerance I will take action as I see fit.

This is an isolated incident, and I don't envision it being a problem. This, to me, is common sense, but I feel the need to state:

Please continue to respect each other though you may disagree with each other's beliefs.

It's A-OK with me if you don't agree with each other, but blatant disrespect and harassment will not be tolerated.

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Hello there! I am new to this community, so I want to introduce myself *waves* My name is Ashley and I'm 17, live in MA, good 'ol USA. I have always loved dreadlocks, and always wanted them for my very own, and I finally got them! Yesterday, actually. My hair is really long too, so it took a great deal of time, my friend dreaded them for me. Heh. I already love them to death, and I really wish I could find some batteries for my camera, but pictures will come later. I have a question for you guys,

My dreads are NEW - really new - and I have elastics on the tips and on the roots - how long should I wait to take the elastics off the roots? My scalp is pretty itchy (which I know I'll have to get used to), but I think it would be a lot more comfortable without the elastics. Any advice on that? Thanks in advance guys, it really helps :)

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question for all :

how long were your locks when you started them (what year or month also) and how long are they now..

i will put my progress of my last locks since my newest ones are babies and im camera-less

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Sorry to take away from the drama but I have a dread related question...

I just started dreading my hair again (I have had dreads twice in the past but have the bad habit of cutting them off). I have been waiting for the layers from the last time I cut them to grow out enough to regrow them and I think I am finally there. The front of my hair though is about half as short as the rest of my hair. I am thinking of either cutting bangs (but I get real annoyed with bangs after about two weeks) or trying to incorporate this hair into my other dreads. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this hair to become part of my other dreads, its also the finest and thinnest part of my hair, and trying to backcomb it in hasn't worked so far...


i've been browsing this community for LONG time now... and i finally have some pictures to post!
just some info...
my dreads are a 1 1/2 yrs old... were made by backcombing and wax and some salt water............................ and lots of love!
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A sadhu from India

sadhu: Spiritual adventurers, ascetic warriors, devout mystics, occult rebels or philosophic monks, the sadhus are revered by Hindus as representatives of the gods,
sometimes even worshipped as gods themselves.

--I was talking to my friend about my dreads once and she was wondering where they originated, I told her that I thought it was the sadhus in India, and she said that they were people who live in the woods and never cut there hair, and were crazy heee heee... I'd like to meet one some day : )

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i just went back and read the comments from the post alors made on the 27th of may...and i was disgusted...i cannot believe that someone...would come in here...or anywhere...and say things like that...i didnt even know what to a comment maybe? her...saying sorry she had to have those words thrown at her...or to them...and start "yelling"...but then i decided to post.i dont really know why...but with all of the sh*t going on in this world...why worry..comment..bother-whatever, with things like this...i've also read the last post by alaskadanielle about banning...and i agree...

i think people need to think before they speak (or type, in this case) more often...this is a perfect example... come on people...

YES...we are allowed to think for ourselves...speak our minds...etc...but could think about how its going to make the other person feel...or maybe put yourself in their shoes?.........

(i dont really know the point of this post...i just kind of felt the need...i am...SO...sorry alors ...i know what its like...and i know if feels bad...)

peace, the lost cause?



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