May 29th, 2004

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Seeing as I can't make a comment, I'm making this post.

I've not read every single comment left on this debate, but from what I have seen malfunctionzero has not been rude or offensive, and aside from repeating the same point over I can't see what the fucking problem is. The point itself has been repeated merely because people didn't seem to be acknowledging it.

The very idea that he would be banned for this is fucking ridiculous, especially in this community, I really hope the ban is lifted soon. If such a regime is to continue here then I'll be seriously reconsidering being part of this group. I don't like the idea of a single person governing who should be here or what opinions should be allowed, this community was running fine before any of that came along.

I avoided commenting on the post that caused all this, but I'm not surprised that people took offence to it - my initial reaction was "that's not going to go down well...". This is one argument stemming from a stupid misunderstanding, let's not let it ruin what has been and should continue to be a great community.

Allow malfunctionzero back into the community and let's put this behind us.

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Trying to take the heat out of the situation.

I really think the point has been missed somewhere along the line in the current flaming.

As I see it the banning was a simple case of the perp ignoring repeated warnings, he had every chance to stop inflaming the situation and ignored them. That's what he was banned for, the rights or wrongs of his argument are irrelevant. To paraphrase a wise man; there are rules man, this isn't 'Nam.

So where do we go from here? Here's my suggestion thrown open to the community to make a collective decision: Ignoring mod warnings has to result in a ban, the mod has to be able to back up warnings otherwise there's no point having a mod. However there's nothing to say the ban has to be permanent. Let's try to come up with a first offence/second offence/third offence scale of ban lengths between us all. That way we can all agree to deal with problems without it turning into all out war.

And when coming up with ideas for this try not to let your feelings about the current situation skew everything. What does everyone think would be fair ban times?

Finally, can we try to cut the mod some slack here. Considering the notoriously individualist tendencies of most dreadites, trying to do anything around here is like trying to herd cats.....
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let malfunctionzero back in, this is a community and no one should be banned. I will say that i thought you would have been a great mod but your just making things your own and thats fucked up, so i'll probably be banned for this post but i would rather be banned than have to hear about fucked up order.

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Hi again, guys! I just posted yesterday for the first time, and thanks for all of the great advice! I finally got my digital camera working. My dreads are now three days old, so I thought I'd put up some before and after pictures! I hope this works..


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Bit silly this, but it amused me so I thought I'd share it.

I got mild abuse from some tracksuited townie fuckos last night, with some half-hearted heckles as we walked through the Racecourse (a large park in the centre of town).

"Dirty cunts!"
"Yeh, we like rock music too!"

The last one was my favourite, as it's just a very odd thing to say. They were all drinking from the standard issue communal 3 litre bottles of knocked-off cider.

Gotta love 'em.

I might have said something back, but there were at least 30 of them, and I didn't fancy getting stabbed in the face.
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scalp near roots of fat dreads!

Well just started to noticed know that some of the sections of my biggest dreads still showup big time, which is kinda annoying (specially on one i have really on the top of my head).

Wonder why the sections didn't "wear off" over time on this dreads :(

this is annoying :(

/end rant
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