May 30th, 2004

So It's Almost Been One Year...

Last year on July 14th I had friends buzz my hair really short (and one silly friend drew the worst permanent marker tattoo ever on my arm). I haven't cut my hair since, and i mean even trimming the little neck hairs, so i'm getting excited. I've decided that July 14th would be a quality day for me to get my dreads but i'm still undecided. Not about dreads, i'm doing them, but about what to do. So far all i can figure out is that some people like wax and some people don't. Some people say that gunk builds up inside the dread if you use wax, is that true? You can go ahead and give your opinions and what not, i'm just looking forward to getting them in. And here is the picture from july 14th last year (my actual live journal will say otherwise, thats because only my college friends have livejournals and i'm pranking them all by saying that i cut my hair and then surprising them when i come back with dreads).

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to the people who commented in a negative manner to my last post

i never stated she WAS the victim...i never said the word victim...and she didnt BASH Christian people nor Christian DREADIES...she was saying that she was confused...and let down...thats all..she didnt say..."all dread heads have no religion" and please tell me...since when are Christians OPPRESSED to the extent of gays and lesbians...hmm? she wasnt even talking about that!!!!!!!!! therefore...theres NO NEED TO BRING IT UP!!! all of it!! this should be over...neither of those ladies were all...let it go...people are hurt all the time...could all of you just ignored her post or said "aww" (if you meant it)?? there was NO NEED to make her feel any worse. this should be over.
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Hey all.

I have about 20-inch, wavy, Caucasian hair, and I'm putting it into dreads this coming friday (whee!)

I just wanted to ask, since I have this wonderful pool of experience at my disposal, how much I should expect my dreads to shrink when they're young? I've been told anything from an inch to an entire third of the length of your hair.

I'm sure there's no definite answer, but does hair type factor in? Like, does straight hair maybe shrink less than wavy or curly?

I ask because I don't want really long dreads, so I'm considering cutting my hair before I do them, but I don't want to end up with dreads so short I can't do anything with them.

Any personal experience you can offer would be great!

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