June 2nd, 2004


Locks in Atlanta

Locks quickly approaching two months. They've changed drastically over such a short time period, and they seem to be settling down a bit.

Also, I'm moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer. Currently I live in an extremely "dread-friendly" community and haven't had to worry about receiving too much flack for choosing to start this journey. Every time I mention my relocation to anyone, however, the first comment is regarding my hair and the racism that still exists in the south.

My family is from Kentucky and I've spent a large portion of my life in that environment, but I've never spent much time worrying about this. I'm sure there must be "some of us" of multiple races and backgrounds in the vicinity of Atlanta, or similar regions. Does anyone have personal experience with this? Is it something I should be concerned about? At the moment I'm not spending too much time stressing over it, though people constantly make the comment and it's becoming slightly unnerving.

(In other words, is there a high probability for me to get beaten down on the streets for locking my hair when my skin is pathetically pale? Just how widespread is the issue in a city of that size?)

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question guys, i've had my dreads about 7 months now and their pretty and i love them. i was @ a party on the weekend and i was talking about how im going camping for the first time this upcoming weekend for after prom. one of the guys there told me that he had a friend that had dreads like mine and he went camping and swimming in the lake and then fungus began to grow in his/her hair. result shaving the happy nappy dreads off. im sure this can happen, what do u think? and is there away that i can prevent this?? any help would be great! oh and if any of u guys have some funky ideas for dreads for the oh so wonderful prom, feel free to share, im a little stuck. it would help a lot!
later days!
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Soviet LJ

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Ok, i've got dread for like 9 months now :)

People keep calling me 'Rasta-man', and i keep having to explain the difference between a philosophy/way-of-life and a hair-style.

BUT i dont even know what rastafari really stands for.
Anyone got any good rescources/links? Cause google aint helping me shit. (Just cut-n-dry stuff, historical facts)
I wanna know what the ESSENCE is, not just who/what/where/why

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Soviet LJ

from: http://www.nomadfx.com/old/rasta1.html

Contrary to popular belief, pious Rastas do not smoke marijuana recreationally, and some (the canonical Ethiopian Orthodox and also the followers of certain classical Elders) do not use it at all. Most Rastafarian teachers, however, have advocated the controlled ritual smoking of "wisdomweed" both privately as an aid to meditation and communally from "chalice" pipes as an "incense pleasing to the Lord". The argument is that ganja is the "green herb" of the King James Bible and that its use is a kind of shortcut version of traditional ascetical practice. The Ethiopian Church, of course, strongly discourages this: Orthodox monks have learned over centuries of experience that such shortcuts are at best dangerous and at worst soul-destroying. The issue, however, has been much sensationalized by the press, in keeping with the racist stereotyping of Rastas as stoned criminals.

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i wish i had pictures of them that showed their full potential. because they really are not just one big clump of hair. however in pictures thats how they seem. mabey its because i have some undreaded hair in the front and the ends of my dreads are pretty stringy and wild. but its ok i still love them. anyway they are just shy of 6 months. they are my babies. so here are some more pictures.
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heya, ive decided to dye my hair blue black tomorrow, but what im wondering is how many packets would be good to use?! im curious as to how to go about doing this, as this will be my first time dying my dreads. they are roughly 3months old NOW..hehe yay. im not going to use peroxide/bleach on my hair so should i have anything worry about?! i think ive asked this before but i cant remember..i also have many a beads in my hair mostly white that i cant get out, ah, will the dye dye the beads..yes?!

okay and guys i wanna trade beads, im serious this time, ive asked before but eh, never got around to it, so if you'd like a bead from down under and yes i'll pay postage..eh why not aye. (australia) email me at: erratic_chicken@yahoo.com