June 3rd, 2004


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hi I just got my dreads and im talking last sun just got. the question I have is this. Im going to be working at a summer camp. camping all summer in northern wi. is there anything I should keep in mind? Im thinking no wax cuz hot sun means it would melt and it might attract bugs. that and after swimming to dry. whats the best way to dry? just ring out? towel them? hair dryer? oh and here are some pics.
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well, that is just a crap ass photo. but i felt like sharing.

i took some wire and beads and made what you see there. :| yeah. anyway, its pretty neat. i've stuck all sorts of things in my hair... most of it has been swallowed by these crafty little buggers. but they make me happy and that is what counts. i dont even know why i'm posting this.

ha, some kid walked up to me while i was working and asked if i had my hair like that for wacky hair day. crazy kids.

have a good day :D
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More for the Main Page

If you know of any cool dread links, please post a comment below. So far I've got:

dreadheadhq.com (i think?)

Need more, too busy with work to search.

Also, look for the new background sometime in the next week.


I received a contract in the mail this weekend.

My book is being published.

Yay! is an understatement.

I'll need an author photo - maybe I can ask y'all for advice when the time comes?

I'm working on my second novel, so my internet time is becoming more and more limited (research only, mostly). I may be looking for moderators to help maintain this joint. I'll keep you up to date.



I'm fairly new to dreads... had mine for just over a year now... they get better every day!

For the very best in dread produkts go to http://www.knottyboy.com/ they have it all. Wax, Locking gel, accessories, tams, everything. I'm telling you... these guys know what they are doing!
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Hi. I'm new. I've had my dreads for 4 days now, and they smell really bad! (i've been at folk fest and they are sweaty and dirty!) I was wondering if there was somthing I could do besides washing them to make them smell better. Sorry if this has been asked alot. I looked at the f.a.q.s and didn't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks a bunch.


has anyone found a good site online for beads? they don't have to be specifically dread beads, because i've found those are more expensive..... just a place with beads big enough to hug my dreaddies.....

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i have a huge spot in the back of my head that doesnt have a dread there, the spot is just hair going in all sorts of directions to other dreads, it probably looks really weird. any suggestions?? should i seperate my dreads or just let it go. it probably looks really weird. and my rubber bands have been falling off my dreads, but then the roots dread together again. haha. blah blah blah. i seriously need someone to come over for a couple hours and cut my dreads apart and fixy fixy them. ok bye bye!!

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i posted on here a while ago asking for advice about what to do with my dreads as they weren't dreading the way i wanted them to...

unfortunately, i also posted a picture of Mikee from SikTh's beautiful dreads [which i would love to call my own] and it ended up with no one giving any advice, as Mikee's dreads are so gorgeous, you can't focus on anything else but them, haha.

anyways, i sorted my dreads out, and i'm proud so thought i would share. they still need some tightening and sewing, but i'm pleased enough.

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hi everyone!

i have been avidly reading this community for several months and up till now have never posted.

after wanting dreads for years i finally took the plunge and did them! my dreadies are currently a little over 4 months old, wooooo! started them by backcombing and a little palm rolling and no wax. i am pretty lazy actually and am content for the most part to let them do their own thing. although i do go thru and rip the roots apart regularly and i love having things in my hair so i change my beads and wraps around frequently depending on my mood and such.

i wash them "as needed" with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap and love it! i smell like Altoid's mints afterwards people say. *chuckle*

most of my hair is down to the bottom of my shoulderblades or a little past. i will try to take some better pictures at a later point, maybe this weekend!

i only know 2 other people in this area (the ozarks) with dreads so i do get alot of funny looks from people ('specially when i go to "sprawl-mart") which cracks me and my boyfriend up.

my boyfriend plans to let his hair dread here soon too because he likes mine so much!! yay!!!! he has super curly hair (think corkscrew curls) about shoulder length so it should dread wonderfully!

and here are some more pics of me and my hair, just for the hell of it.

sorry for the crappy quality but i took the pics with my webcam because it was easier and my digicam batteries need recharging anyhow.

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i'm combing out my dreads tonight.

i've always been a person who needed change frequently. my first semester of college, i rearranged our room 6 times. i rotate the posters on my walls whenever i get bored. i'm always throwing away things and making new things and wearing different colors and different shoes and carrying a different purse. no matter how much i like something, i just get bored with it after a while... and hair is no exception.

i've had so many different hairstyles in the past 3 years, and i hoped that eventually i would find "the right one". instead, all i found is that hair isn't that important. it doesn't make me who i am, and there is no "right" hairstyle. i love my dreads, i really do. but i also loved my long hair. and i loved my hair when i curled it. and i loved my hair when my bangs fell in my eyes. you get the idea.

so to all of you in this community... you're all wonderful. even when there's drama, this is still my favorite group of people on livejournal. and i'll still stay in the community to see all of your lovely dreads. i'll post before/after pictures when i'm done <3
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