June 9th, 2004

Bad Panda!

Deleting comments is NOT COOL

if you want to argue, create separate thread and take it somewhere else.
no jokes.

Okay fair enough. You want to delete comments discussing the merits of vegetarianism, fine. I think its rude (it is rude) and uncalled for, but hell, its your right.


My comment was in RESPONSE to somebody else saying that eating meat was immoral, and that humans were built to be vegetarians (which they clearly arn't). You deleted my comment, but not his where HE STARTED THE DISCUSSION.

Could you be any more biased?

(no subject)

my dreads are about 4 months old now + they're coming along alright except there are a few that are dreaded together at just the roots. it's actually matted on the roots in those spots. i kind of wanted them to be separate again bc they're pretty big, but when i try to pull them apart they are already stuck. what do you recommend i do? i'm hesitant to cut them apart. i'm not so sure if that would do more harm than good. also, are the dreads supposed to be separate at the roots in the first place or kind of matted together?
any replies would be most helpful. :D
ja warrior

I Have a Question or Two for Each of You,


You waxed, backcombed, I got dreads today, I want dreads, is my face right for dreads, will dreads make my butt firmer, natural loc'd, best friend did it now I want them, Lurkers, Posters, Photofans Dreadlocs, Mohawked Dreads, Bald Dread [ras without locs, but dread, it's not just the hair cause dreads are suppose to start in your heart before they sprout from your head. As viewed in some circles.]

What does Dreadloc mean to you? I know they mean alot of things to different people. Just what do you wish to propagate in wearing them, cause you must have some vision of what you wish to be seen as.

Non Standardized?
Non Trad?
A Tree?
Fad of the Moment?

Easy Enough, Come on, this is for each ray of light who has joined this group.

Come on Shine!

Ja Bless!
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warning incredible levels of sarcasm are contained in this post

so at the fascist corporation known as whole foods i hold the most honorable posistion of seasonal team member...
im a fucking serving spoon technition...
or i work in the deli...
good money but a bunch of fuckers...
so im trying to sport a tam instead of the oh so complimentary baseball cap they gave me...
and im catching tons of shit for it...
it keeps all my nappy white boy hair out the food so they should be happy...
(::points up:: thats the sarcastic part)
so i ask...
wish me patience and luck
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aw my hair

hello, I have posted a few comments but other than that I am pretty quiet(*^^*)
here is a picture of my raher young locs they are around 4 months old. i love all dreads on all people with passion. happy dreading every one! <3 <3
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dread question

hey there dread people.

Well i have a question for you all that i hope i can explain. I am wondering about dreading the front of your hair I.E. the bangs. I had a set of dreads for a year and a half and i dreaded my hair with a part down the middle of my head and there for i parted my bangs in the middle and made 2 dreads. Well i was wondering how would everyone go about dreading their bangs?? I know a lot of people leave their bangs un dreaded but i want mine dreaded. Does anyone have any advice?? I wish my hair would dread on its own because then i would leave it to make its own decision.

hope that makes sense

thanks kids
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Plead the FIF!


Hey! Here's a fun idea.

Let's have a before and after thread!

Comment on this post with a picture of yourself before you got dreads along with a picture of yourself afterwards.

Then maybe our wonderful moderator would post it in memories so we have a fun gallery of our collective hotness.

Any takers?
i hope

My Answer Was Always There

Buried in the archives of the Group.

I cut my 12 year old dreads off around December or November. I didn't let them all go as in I'm wearing a dreadmullet, which can be seen here. The reason for the trim were personal, not for society or even my dislike. I chose to let go of what I love on myself too much.

I'd like to thank everyone who answered the call. It would have been nice to get more to answer. As in I missed all the drama, but saw the after effects. Seem like it took a toll on people's soul. By asking you to post your whys, I wanted each of us to reaffirm, tell something about yourself and let a respect grow from that. We all aren't the same as you can tell from the pictures of everyones beautiful hair here.

I once stated that dreading was like taking a trip.

Some people Fly
Some people Drive
Some people Walk
Some people Bus

Doesn't matter how you got there, as long as you enjoyed the sights and that you're happy with travel time it took to get where you wanted to go.

I don't post here alot. I don't have wax issues, or answers. I did it the easy way. Let that nest curl up on it's own. It's the only way I know.

Once again

Ja Bless, and Thank you
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