June 10th, 2004

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So i went into a african braids store this evening and asked about wax without petrolium, the lady said that they didnt sell it, all the waxes had it, and then she said that i had terrible regrowth, my dreads were growing, but there was about 10cm's of regrowth - normal hair! what im wondering is where do i get wax without petrolium, i cant order it as it will cost a fortune, ive added up the cost and shipping and what can i do about the regrowth.
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To counteract the negative "vibe" that I've been reading about here in this community, I shall post a link to some of my charcoal drawings of beautiful people in dreads (not all drawings on this link are dreadies):

Click on that.

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i've heard of methods to get temporary (like. that last for a day until you shampoo yourself) dreads. like, with shaving cream or something.

does anyone know any methods so i can possibly see the possible result without going through the whole process?
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questions for one and all


Okay, so i've been wanting to take the plunge into dreadlocs for some time now, and i had a chance too when i was in germany cause my friends all had them, but what made me decide not to was the fact that i'd be discriminated against. and i was wondering if all of you feel the same, or get discriminated against. because i honestly don't care what people think but the people tend to make the decisions you know? i go through life sort of as a "scape goat" because of my opinions, but if dreads are going to keep me from the life i want...i wish it weren't this complicated.

So maybe, some advice...little stories as to how you've dealt with discrimination in the past...let me hear your voice?
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aww my hair ...hope it shows~*

hey! I am new ^^ I tried posting a picture yesterday and didn't quite work out. This is my second go at it. My locs are barely 4 months old. I love dreads <3 I hope it shows this time.... title or description

peace & happy dreading! (^-^)
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Here ye !! Here ye !!

Ooh !!
I discovered something today whilst 'studying' :P
There's a tip on Dreadheadhq.com to help you tighten your tips
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I've tried using this technique on some of my tips (coz I got a bit tired of sewing them) and it works great !! :D
Now, here's the thing : I'm not a real fan of palmrolling coz just after 3 dreads, it makes my hands itch REALLY bad :S I've also tried using sewing methods just so I'd get rid of the biggest loops in my dreads (I'm okay with the loops, I just don't like them being -too- big)
So, I've tried using the technique which I talked about earlier in this post, and WOW, the loop I was working went WOOOOSHHH, gone !! :D
I highly recommend this, coz it's waaay better than having itchy palms all the time :P


Hilly xx <3
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Plead the FIF!

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I'm not trying to start drama but if the moderator leaves (which she should not because she's awesome) will there be a temporary moderator? We had all these great ideas for fixing the community and it would suck if nothing happened.

Just a thought.



ok hmm...my questions are thus
1)how often should I soak my dreads in salt watter or spray down with spray bottle of salt watter? palm roll right after?
2)will a hair net work as well as a nylon for sleeping? do-rag?
3)beads? where do I get one or more? and you just slide them on?
4)tams? what are these
5)what is the easest way to tie up. I have to tie my hair up for work and confine it to my head. ive just been braiding the dreads. and then just folding them under and using a clip. any other ideas?
thank you any and all advice is apreciated

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hey i just wanted to thank who ever made this background its really cool i set it as my desktop background and noticed there are a lot of cool pics but are being covered by the posts so do u think we can change the format to one the ones that section off and have the background fixed so the posts scroll over the background and then we can see all the pics.

Danny :)