June 11th, 2004

New Day, New Plan

Operation Clean Slate has begun.
New day.
New plan.
New community.

I'm not leaving.
You're not leaving.

Welcome to your Dreadlock Online Lounge.

This is a place where we want you to feel comfortable. Tell us about your day. Tell us about what band you are listening to, show you are going to, book you are reading, family and friends, sons and daughters, hope and faith, new things you are trying with your hair, or your brother/sister's hair, or your boyfriend/girlfriends hair...the things that encompass your life.

Our great unifier is dreadlocks. Whether you have them, want them, need them, are scared of them, love them, are curious about them, or just like looking at them. All are welcome. You do not need to have dreadlocks to be a dreadlock enthusiast. If you do have dreadlocks, whether they be natural, palmrolled, ripped and twisted, temporary, synthetic, nappy, smooth, curly, straight, hiding bolts and rocks, big, small, beaver paddled or otherwise - all are welcome.

All are welcome.

I've enlisted the help of robotparade and blackperson to co-moderate this venue with me. We will not be intruding upon your freeness - we will merely be guides. We'll change the format every now and again, update photos and FAQs, listen to your requests. If we hit any rough patches, we will decide on action TOGETHER, as the Triumvirate of Woman. (grin) Both Robotparade, Blackperson and myself come from wide and varied points of view, but I trust and respect them, as I know you do. Plus, they are both RAD graphic designers - just check out the background (Robotparade) and layout (Blackperson). We are not overlords, or dictators. We are members of this community who can help effect change when needed, field questions when they need to be answered, and join in on the fun ALWAYS.

Look at these amazing photos around this message.
Look at how beautiful, open, and free you are.

You are a dread.

Respect each other.
Respect all who enter here.

In light of this glorious post, I'd like to leave this message up for one day. I'd like for all who enter to leave a positive comment on what it means for them to be a dread, or dreadlock enthusiast, or dread-curious.

If you have a favorite picture, post it.
Tell us about yourself.
Reintroduce yourself to us.
It would be especially pleasing if you lurk and have never posted before to introduce yourself to us. We don't bite...hard. (grin)
If you have a favorite member, tell us why you love them, or their dreads.
Tell us why you became nappy.
Tell us why you WANT to become nappy.
Tell us about your journey. Tell us what brought you here.

All are welcome.
the clash, punk

bye dreadies!

Well, after almost a year I've decided to take off my dteads,
and hopefully get them again, proper, in a year or so.
It's been fun, I still adore dreadlocks and dreadheads, and I think I'm going to stick in here for a while, if you don't mind ;)

here is my dreadless scalp (I still can't believe I managed to take them off without going bald):

buh-bye :(
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I'm Marie
Just graduated from college and am currently floating in the inbetween stages between loving summer and the irking feeling like I should be "doing" something with my life....but I am doing alot....

Anyways here's a bunch of photos from my progression with dreads...
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I've spent a lot of my teenage years expressing my individuality through various means of expression including my appearance. I wore patchwork and dreaded my hair and walked around with a 'fuck you, society' attitude. About a year ago I started to realize that that was not how I wanted to present myself to the world. That revolution was going to happen in my mind, not with my wardrobe or my hairstyle. I could make my own clothes and believe in DIY, but they didn't have to be patchwork or completely outlandish.

I am at a point in my life where I don't want my hairstyle to cause people to pass judgement, I want to be heard for what I have to say; not what I look like.
But I happen to love the way dreadlocks look AND I miss not having to take care of my hair. Since I moved to Portland, OR where it rains 24/7 seven days a week my hair has become incredibly nappy. I could counter this by taking showers everyday, conditioning, brushing etc. but I am really much to lazy. I started dreads, but I keep on going back and forth on whether or not to brush them out and take care of my hair or just to give in. Here it seems more socially acceptable to have dreads and I feel more comfortable with it as just another hairstyle rather than something that is going to cause people to make judgements about me. I don't know, I am really conflicted, but for now I am gonna let it knot and see what happens. I am just curious if anyone else has felt this way or had similar conflicting feelings. Anyways, thanks for listening...