June 13th, 2004


what do roses really smell like?

My mom came in my room this morning and showed me these ConAir curler thingys she got. now i have to try them out, of course. that would be so awesome...curly dreads...

I want an asymmetrical haircut. has anyone here ever cut their dreads? when i got mine fixed up a few months ago, the dude said you can't cut dreads because they'll just spring apart at the bottom. yeah, i can see that happening, but it'll dread together again...¿es verdad?

now that my dreads are a year old, i've been experimenting with different styles that i hadn't even thought of doing before...haha
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beads and what happened?

hey umm ive posted a couple times. I just got a few beads for my dreads which are only like 2 weeks old. is this to early for beads? and do you just leave them in and wash around them and palm roll around them?

also when I first got my dreads they were fat and fluffy. now they are kinda skinny and frizzy. is this becuse they are locking up. is it becuse I quit with the wax? seemed like wax wasn't helping and just made a mess. and I heard you can put some gum tree somthing or other in your hair for bugs to stay away. I know one person usese this anyone else. are there any negatives to using it(ie smells bad, dosn't come out, turns hair purple(that acutally be kinda cool) umm I know this is the best place ive found for advice and id like to ask for it now. thank you in advacne youve all helped me in understanding the best ways and hows of being a dread head.

Tis a Shame...

I've noticed a near complete drop-off in posting and I'm slightly disappointed. What happened to the constant posting that used to run rampant. But here goes my little back story.

My name is Peter Francis Burkhart. I live in indiana. My dad was a former catholic priest and my mom is a nurse. My older sister is married and lives in chicago as a teacher. My older brother is in college and is getting a new truck. I'm in college to, going to be a sophomore, and i turn 20 on august 29th. I first started liking dreads when i was in junior year of high school and almost got them but then decided to chop my hair off after it got to be three or four inches long. Then i started growing my hair out agian senior year with dreadlocks in mind but then i cut it for my sisters wedding. Well now i've been growing my hair for about 11 months and am planning on getting my dreads in before summer is over. Here are some pictures, none of them really recent or relevant, but pictures nonetheless.

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