June 15th, 2004

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has anyone heard of the latch method to maintain roots?
i met someone who latches their locks and her hair looks awesome. anyhow, i found an article explaining how to do it, i did it, and my new growth is FINALLY under control. i'm soo happy. you're supposed to use a latch hook similar to the ones used to make latch hook rugs but i just used a crochet needle...anyhow, on with the instructions Collapse )
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I love the way my dreads look like

I love the way they smell,

I love the way I can hide my face behind them

They're my own personal shell.

Sorry, I think this was meant to be a 'poem'

Hilly xx


so i was wondering if there are any people in here from the annapolis or dc metro area in maryland? it would be cool to discuss a mini MD meet or something during the summer...
also i could use an extra hand fixing my loosies...
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Hey All.. i'm new here.. i do not have dreads YET.. i want them very badly.. I'm a 21f and you'd think that i'd have what i want by now, but the one thing standing in my way of getting dreads is my grandmother.. she and the rest of my maternal side come from Jamaica where dreads are associated with the Rastafarian cult/movement. They understand Rastafarianism, but they still see it as a cult.. my mom is not bothered by the thought of me getting dreads.. she understands that for me, it would be 1) a fashion statement, and 2) my way of keeping my hair natural.. but my grandmother likes hair to be one way, Long and Straight (byproduct of slavery and the lust after all things white).. I like straight long hair as well, but I didn't like it on myself so I shaved my head and now I wear my hair natural.. I'd like to keep it that way, but go for dreads..

Is there anyone out there who was in a similar situation? What did you do? I do not want offend my grandmother or my church (a caribbean pentecostal denom), but I would very much like to get locks without being associated with Rastafarianism..

In addition, one other gripe that my family has wiht dreads is that of discrimination. They feel that those with dreads may get discriminated against more in the work force because they do not look professional or serious enough. Some may have great jobs, but may not get promoted. Some may have to keep their hair under wraps. I for one am very proud of my roots and my culture and would hate to experience that and it's a shame that it is an issue. Have any of you experienced that in your work place, or found that because of your hair and/or body art, you are being discriminated against? Also, what is your occupation?


H. <3
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Plead the FIF!

Things that make me sad.

It makes me sad when someone who has locks won't embrace me without knowing the method I used.

It makes me sad when someone who has locks will make judgment calls based on the method I used.

It makes me sad when someone who has locks will make judgment calls on my reasons for locking.

It makes me sad when someone who has locks mistreats others with locks because their specific aesthetic appeal.

It makes me sad when someone who has locks mistreasts others with locks because of their race or religion.

It makes me sad when someone who has locks won't acknowledge that others evolve and that someone's reasonings for locks can change.

Just enjoy your hair. Who cares why? Geez!

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hey. if any of you are into folkey indie stuff, or the moldey peaches, adam greene (from the moldey peaches) is playing in philly this thursday, most likely at the church, its an r5 show.

just wanted to mention that, now that the community can post about anything. and i thought folkey music.... dreads.... hippies.... eh. it goes together some times.

and i dont have any pictures. im not at home. soweee. although i am getting some dreads cut apart sometime today. they keep dreading together! oh my goodness. whenever i start rubbing the roots, not only do my dreads lock up, but they lock up with the other dreads. i guess my whole being is so friendly, even my dead hair cells are friendly to each other. hehe.

ok. bye bye.

you guys are awesome. even if there are a gabillion dread pictures a day. they make me smile! toodleoo!
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Swimming polls and chlorine.

Well i checked the memories and the question i had wasn't exactly answered. One of my friends has a very nice pool and seeing as how it hit 71 degrees at 6:30 in the morning today i have a feeling i'm going to be swimming at his house some, including after i get dreads. How long after i get my dreads (using backcombing and MINIMAL WAX if any, i'm not sure if my relatively straight (its starting to wave out in the back but not really much at all) will lock up otherwise even though i don't want to use wax) will it be ok to swim in his inground pool. But more importantly, when you are done swimming do you need to rinse out your dreads to get the chlorine and such out? I'm never rinsed off after getting out of pools before even though i hear you are supposed to. So should you rinse them out or just ring them out and dry them leaving the chlorine in them? and how long should i wait before swimming is ok? Much love.
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how low can a punk get?

over the years, i have drawn large amounts of inspiration from the bands i'd been listening to. please take a look at a short sampling of some of my inspiration. these pics have been culled from the internet, and none of them are of me or taken by me.
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While waiting in the car to get into Bonnaroo the guy in the car in front of us got out and drunkenly/kindly asked if we wanted some beer or rum&coke for the 3 hour wait. He saw me doing a dread that i hadn't worked on yet, and said, "Nooo, don't do that to your hair. Dreads are a symbol of non-vanity to those who form them naturally by just not giving a fuck about brushing their hair, and by you forming your own purposely, you're pissing on their religion." I told him that i'd already considered that, and in my heart i'm not pissing on anybody's religion. i dont like brushing my hair, and forming the dreads will keep me from having to wash as much. I said some other things too, then he said, "well girl, let me help you." and he started working on the dread i had been doing.

funny funny guy.

oh yeah, bonnaroo rocked my socks. if i wore socks. the extreme amounts of sunlight dried my hair alot, and it feels great now.