June 16th, 2004


this is how i'm going to do my hair for prom

I know alot of people have questions about doing their hair for formals and proms and such. This is how I'm going to do my hair for my prom on Friday night.

Its really easy - you leave the bottom section down and then take either single dreads or a couple of dreads from each side and tie them to each other crossing over the back. Once you have a few tied you can just start draping the rest up and over the tied ones. Its hard to explain, but its really easy to do - takes maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

Hope this helps some people! :)
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i am a big loser and only have half my hair dreaded. The oldest are only two weeks, and newest a few days but trust me the will be done come next monday!

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I've got a bit of a problem.

My best and favorite dreadlock have somehow grown a massive loop.. it looks like a tea pot handel. I tried to loop the dread though it, but that looks like total shit. Is there a way to fix it, or am I just going to have to clip the loop off?
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I propose a new rule for the userinfo:
If you decide to make a farewell post the majority of members finds inflammatory/whiny/mockworthy, be prepared to see it deleted and yourself banned. Don't feel shocked if we make fun of you afterwards.

Me, evil? Where'd you get THAT idea from? 0_o

story time

so there was this girl stef that went to school with me and she developed a bit of a crush on me...
so she asked me to do her hair in dreads...
i did cause i didnt know that the only reason she wanted them was to have my attention...
so when i started ignoring her afterwards she brushed them out after like 4 days...
i thought it was kinda shallow...but what do i know...
so here are the pics of my handiwork
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i think i did a good job despite the mixed reasons for her only wanting them for a coupla days...
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Last night I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and he started cuddling my dreads. Apparently they are "soft and smell like strawberry bubblegum".

My dreads are boy magnets. I shall use this to my advantage, methinks.

(Except when you are dealing with townies. Once I was walking home from work when one of them came up to me and shouted "oi! Afghani! Go home!".... To which I could only reply "i AM going home" because, well, i was. I've got no idea why he thought I was from Afghanistan though. *shrugs*)

That is all. Much love.
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rippin' 'n twistin'

hey all. I've recently tried the old "rip and twist" thing to fix up some tips of my dreads (6 months old, so they're pretty nice toward the roots but there's a few inches of minimal dreadiness near the tips), and I noticed something today. I just finished one of my tips that had a particularly long section of undready hair at the bottom....and when I was done, the tip was rock hard, and looked like a dread that swallowed a braid. There was all this weird braidy-looking-ness to it. I also have pretty thick dreads, so does anyone know if trying to rip and twist ends up looking like this with thick dreads? Or am I just doing thing wrong? Should I scrap it and just backcomb the tips instead?