June 17th, 2004


I think we could use a few more interests, no? This is a varied group - how about a few more suggestions, maybe a couple from everyone until we reach our limit?

Post a comment here if you are interested in...anything. (grin)
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what do you think of these dreads?
I've made them last week, today Im going to split some op because it are
only 31 dreads on a whole head but hey, I was in a hurry can't do everything purrfect :P at least the boy was happy with them

++ edit: I split some up and it are 50 dreads now


My roommate works with kids and found out today she might have lice. We've lived in the same house for less than a month but my dreads are over two years old and of course I've always had dandruff so that makes it pretty much impossible for me to check for eggs. I'm afraid of what I know I have to do. It's been so long I just can't imagine things any other way... and now it's all being thrown at me so quickly. I can't stop crying right now... I'm not ready to let them go.

EDIT: I should update this post and mention this was a false alarm for me... but the possability of having lice makes everyone freak out, especially if you have dreads!

Since this is in the memories/FAQ page, I'll dispell a few quick myths about dreads & lice that I've seen come up here:
- Just cause you have dreads doesn't mean you are any more likely to get lice than people who don't, it's just harded to get rid of them if you do get them, because you can't comb out nits.
- You can't bugs from other animals (ex: dog fleas), even if you have dreads. Parasites survive by adapting to a particular species, so only human lice can infest human hair.

There are things you can do to try and prevent or get rid of lice, even if you have dreads, be sure to read the comments in this thread, there are some great suggestions and links for dealing with it. Thanks to everyone for those suggestions and for being there for moral support!

Golden oldie...

Fear my fearfull
-1 year-&-3-months-old-wavy-after-two-weeks-of-having-bands- dreads :)

Psst, they're 5 months older now ;)
And no, the wavy thingy isn't there anymore :P

Hilly xx <3
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